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Tincal lab


Curating and experimenting in contemporary jewelry. Jewelry atelier founded by Ana Pina.

For the Challenge Jewelry and Music Fernanda Barba created two enigmatic pieces that celebrate the beauty of silence in music 🎧🎶 amazing, right?!
What a wonderful day to walk around Porto! Come visit us and get to know our favorite square in town, right around the corner: Carlos Alberto ☀️
Inspired by the non-traditional instruments that contribute to enrich Tom Waits raw theatre of sounds, Elizabeth Shaw created 3 fascinating and mysterious
Amazing experiments awaits you in the Workshop of Coloring on Metal with Maria Sais Fluvià 😍 March 17th and 18th, at Tincal lab, dont miss it! Applica
The album “White Chalk” by PJ Harvey inspired Dina Abargil to create three amazing pieces for the Challenge “Jewelry and Music”: simple yet powerfu
Diana Dóris celebrates the personality of Portuguese guitar with the amazing unique piece created for the challenge Jewelry and Music ❤️🎶 lets P
Just in time for Valentines Day 3
If youre looking for the perfect gift enjoy the 15% discount in your first purchase in Tincal labs @tictail shop! Jus
Maria Sais Fluvià will come to Porto for an amazing Workshop of Coloring on Metal at Tincal lab, on March 17th and 18th. Dont miss it!
+ info and applica
The pieces created by Cristina Celis for the Challenge Jewelry and Music explore genially how mobile devices have revolutionized the way we listen to mus
Esther Ortiz-Villajos created three amazing pieces for the challenge Jewelry and Music 🎶 inspired by simple musical fragments as structures, perfect f
The patterns sound can create as a vibrational phenomena inspired Camilla Luihn in the creation of this amazing brooch in copper and enamel for the challen
Yes, it’s the perfect pack for jewelry lovers ❤️ the 3 catalogs from Architecture, Cinema and Music Challenges and Tincal lab tote bag for a very spe