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I had to keep Alexis off school today as I was too Ill to take her. Doesnt mean we cant have fun though:)
I love to write, I am determined one day to be a published author. One of the resources which has really helped me was this book from @megggeri. 
How To Wr
Shopping my stash with stickers and washi from all over the place.
Attempting to do catching up but Im so tired nothing is sinking in.
Madness is not a gift I said angrily.
Nor is it a curse, the Count returned gently. Madness simply is

Ohhhh I am loving Shadowsong almost as much as
Over on my blog today I go through my everyday planner set-up and overview. Linked above x
Spring at Lavender Bay
by Sarah Bennett book review now live on Read, Write, Inspire. Link in the bio :)
Setting up my Sandringham with all my medical details after realising on Sundays A&E trio that I really dont like handing over my Naya to the Doctors and
30% off with @royalplannershop until Sunday! Go go!
Not one! But two exciting things happening this week over at @queenmabelanddoris 
To start there is a Valentines Day Sale followed by the Wizarding World
Ohhh @emmsephemera I love this thank you so much. ♡♡♡♡
This week. Ive only just got around to doing it and I ran out of steam (thanks Mr Infection). Insert from @queenmabelanddoris, sticker shops tagged.