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Gratitude is one of the lesser mentioned aspects of mindset, because we see gratitude as a spiritual thing more than a mental process. The reality is that
This week well talk about the deadlift. The deadlift is probably my favourite exercise because its one of the easiest movements and a great test for overa
One lesson that we must all learn is that everything has a place and a time. No matter how hard you try to force something to work, it will never work if i
Honesty is an integral part of success. When we think of mindset, we start to think about attitudes but we should remember that certain traits must be adop
So this week well go through the bench press movement. The bench press is one of the 4 frame building movements as we mentioned last week. 
The bench pres
One of the many gifts we get with life is hardships. Hardships are always viewed as something negative, and that’s understandable because hardships often
I once heard a man say, “the world is your mirror”. At the time I didn’t understand the meaning and depth of what was said until I pondered over this
In weight lifting sports having a strong frame is vital for you to grow bigger and stronger. 
Building a strong frame makes you stronger and also gives you
One of the biggest issues that we have is with saying ‘no’ because Often it seems as though saying no feels like you’re not being nice or it feels as
When it comes to success and achieving anything , we must learn to let go. So many times, in life we hold onto things from the past and although sometimes
One of the most neglected aspects of fitness is stretching. Some may not stretch properly because they might think all they have to do is lift weights whil
Often you will feel like there’s no point continuing. Maybe it’s because of the lack of results you see or sometimes the competition scares you but jus