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Living/Creating in Brooklyn Lovin’ beauty and travel Works at @mercerproject 🌟

Infinite 💫 Photo by the amazing and lovely @catherinecoons
This is for us, not borrowed from him 🌹 @mejuri boyfriend collection is launching soon.. sneak peek using the super secret link in my bio #mejuri
Pretending tea is caffeinated enough to get me through the day (;
Plz ❤️
Wish I could run through fields of vegan macarons. Fields. 💃🏼
Happy Valentine’s Day lover pies❤️ New blog post up styling these cute spring pieces from @shoptobi , link in bio as always 🤩 #shoptobi
West village in the rain from a few days ago 🌧
Obsessing over this entire line from @soapandgloryusa 🤩 All of the scents are soo yummy and the body butter has quickly become my new favorite! #soapand
Keep me wild and glossy (double posting cuz 🤷🏼‍♀️)
A certain whimsy is needed 🌹
The power coat
A big fan of disco balls and #uobeauty 💫 new arrivals at @urbanoutfitters that are veery photogenic
A snowy Wednesday morning ❄️
Lé bag 🤤
I told him to pretend hit me with the pillow and he actually smacked me so hard 😂 Classic. At least it was with this super yummy and soft cashmere pillo
Lil thangs
Lip balm
Belly full of Chipotle ❤️
Ridiculously happy or just ridiculous ? 💃🏼💃🏼
I love masks that actually look and smell like the ingredients they have in it, much more satisfying amiritee? These guys have amazing ingredients, the pur
So far, the perfect birthday for me includes yummy vegan chocolate chip pancakes and these stunning flowers 💐 Thanks @1800flowers for making this the be
My fragrance game has been changed forever 🌟 “Unspoken” by @sjpbeauty is a delicious scent with hints of peony, pink peppercorn, and sandalwood •
Hey pretty little baby pinky thing #mejuri 🌟