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The official Instagram of Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard in digital imaging. To be featured, tag your work with #Ps_Wild.

Adventures in wonderland with @r_m_i_x. Be sure to tag your #Ps_Wild work to be featured this month!
Under the twinkling lights with @nasr.j. #Ps_Wild
Look at things from a different vantage point. Piece by @demasrusli.
Lost in its gaze. #Ps_Wild piece by @tekinturee.
Sprinting past with @en.ps. Be sure to tag your #Ps_Wild work to be featured this month!
Hello, Karen (@karencantuq) here introducing you to my favorite animal: elephants. They’re just so magnificent! I can talk about them for hours, but we d
Hey guys, it’s Karen (@karencantuq) again. 🖤 People normally think that pandas are my favorite animal because I do a lot of edits featuring them. I me
Hello loves, it’s me (@karencantuq) again. 🖤 I am not a photographer. I actually really suck at taking photos, but my thoughts and ideas become tangib
Hey, it’s Karen (@karencantuq) here with a little confession. Sometimes you don’t need to do a lot to create an edit that transmits a lot; simplicity c
Hello you guys, Karen (@karencantuq) here! 🖤 I am a Mexican visual artist and am so honored to be taking over the @Photoshop Instagram page this week! E
Time for an adventure with @dvmyrs.
Fairytales brought to life by @kellansworld and @taylorcutfilms. #Ps_Movement