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Nourishing To Flourish 😋


Anorexia doesn’t stand a chance when it’s victim decides to recover!🤟so Fight hard to find your spark⚡️ and make it light up💡but don’t u dare give up💪

Breakfast this morning was peach and apricot themed! 🍑👌 a apricot almond eat natural bar with peach activia intensely creamy yoghurt, 25g apricot whe
Good evening everyone. I will try talk more instead of just posting food pics. First of all I just want to say a huge thank u for everyone that follows me
Tonight’s dinner was very challenging 😣 but tasted too good to feel guilty.💪✨ a sweet chilli Young’s basa  fish coated in Sweet chilli breadcru
Today’s lunch was a bagel filed with beaded ham, dairy Lea cheese 🧀 slice, lettuce branston pickle and honey mustard. And part 2 was a choc fibre one
Breakfast this morning was a activia prune yoghurt semi frozen  with dried prunes, 1 golden syrup weetabix topped with maple syrup, cinnamon and blueberrie
Cola mocha themed nightsnack! Good evening everyone. Tonight’s nightsnack tonight is mixed vanilla alpro milk with dark chocolate alpro semi frozen with