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🎂: 11/2/16 🎻: Nashville, TN 🐶: Purebred Sable GSD 🚹 🦈: Professional Landshark 💁🏻‍♂️: Model, Influencer & Comedian Discount Codes In Captions ⬇️⬇️


Objects in the photo are as sexy as they appear 🔥 #mybodyisasheperland
#bodybychuckit #onfire #caution #chuckitfetchgames #
No, my ear iz fines. Your eyes are just wack. 😤 #ialmostfaceplanted #ninjaskillzsavedme #pupbronco5 #chuckitfetchgames
#dogvideos #animalsdoingthing
Sooo, it’s yo birfday hooman? Where da cake? Praktise wat u preech 🙌🏻 #sharingiscaringyo
#happybirthday #humanbirthday
Summmmmerrrrr?!!! Wear is u?!!! Today was a bootiful teaser day but there was no green grasses or sprinkler play yet. I neeeedz dis warmth to come on and s
We’rrreee baaaackkk biitchesss!!! 💥🔥
#lettheteethfly #landsharks #doubletrouble #pupbronco1 #ashepherdandadane 
#cute #love #doggo #dogphoto #p
Since I no ya’ll miss dis face - here is a pic to hold you over until I return to da crib tomorrow! I’m havin’ a blast wif my boi Bruno and my 2nd fa
I’m totally in da doghouse peeps. Dis wooman dropped sumthin and kneeled down and I tried to do the hump to her head 😂
Hapy V-Day to all my laydeezs out der! Wat a kowinkedink that it fallz rite on Hump Day! 🙌🏻 I wonder how many smol hoomans will be born in 9 months?!
Hapy #tot frens - yesterday was fun fact blu eyed day - I haz hart eyeballz today looking forward to Vday coming up tomorrow! 😍😘❤️
Did u no dat in da olden times, blu eyes were used to tell if yo spouse waz bangin’ sumone else?! #fidelitytest Layter on tho, in civilazation yeers, pee
The treets mayd me do it‼️‼️
LAYDEES - there is plenty of dis body for all of you 😘❤️
PS - @jadethesablegsd - You get the bestest pa
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