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❤Princess Mia❤


°I am a princess👑 My mommy found me abandoned at a pigsty when I was only 5 weeks old. °asthmatic 📷by my mommy I live in South Africa

I have a new baby sister! Her name is McDonalds, my meowmy found her scavenging for food at McDonalds the other night, then she brought her home! I cant
Caption this!😹😹 .
Oh do you like my new collar my meowmy bought me from Italy? Well I dont...I ripped it off and lost it somewhere🙈😹 my meow
I have been a really sick kitty...my meowmy took me to the vet yesterday...And turns out I have asthma!😿 but my hooman has been giving me my meds, and I
Im not ok with this!😱😾 how dare my mother talk to this random cat in Italy! Im her one and only!😾😾 naughty mommy!
#grumpycat #princesso
Sunday rolls in the sun are my favorite!🐱my granny has taken the liberty of videoing me today!🐈❤😽 hope all my furriends had a wonderful weekend!
You guys like my new collar?🤗 decided I was bored with my old one so I accidentally lost it!😂🙄😉 my meowmy apologises intensely for her absenc
DAY 10! - @cockney.cat sleep yoga challenge! They final day has come!😸😱 this is my last entry for the challenge, I absolutely loved this challenge, b
This is my DAY 9 of @cockney.cat sleep yoga challenge, I should have posted this on Thursday, I sent it to my mommy who is in Italy, but she has only recei
So my mommy needs to catch up on her @cockney.cat sleep yoga challenge! She is now in Italy and has a local sim card, so she has access to my page again
DAY 7- @cockney.cat sleep yoga challenge!😸today Im doing my session on my grannies tummy, #cockneycatyogachallenge #catofinstagram
#sleepyoga #sleepyki
My mommy is flying to Italy today, for a five week holiday😢 she says she is going to try keep my page going whilst she is away, but might not be too act