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Find us at 2-3 Trinity Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1JR for all your fresh handmade shopping needs!

Introducing a new addition to our permanent range- a brand new shower jelly! Deep Sleep contains cleansing fresh orange juice, and soothing lavender, nerol
How do you like your eggs in the morning?
Fresh ✔️
Colourful ✔️
Smelling good ✔️
Moisturising ✔️
Handmade (not laid) ✔️
We’ve got you
Woohoo! Were almost at the weekend of the first week back after half term! Hang in there peeps! For all you busy bees out there whove been working, weve
🐰🐇look whos peeking in our store! As of tomorrow you can grab all of our new Easter treats! 🐥🐣🐤#Easter #lush #lushuk #lushcosmetics #cruelt
Some fresh handlaid cosmetics are coming your way this Friday! 🐔 #lusheaster #lushltd #lushcolchester #easter #freerangers #lushsneakpeak
Why knot give your mum flowers thatll bloom for years? This fabulous furoshiki wrap is made from recycled bottles and is the perfect alternative to paper
Honey Bear has come out of the cold and rain to stay warm and fuzzy! This beary cute massage bar is a Mothers Day exclusive and has organic cocoa butter,
Valentines Day may be over, but weve still got a few of our Unicorn Horn bubble bars and Love Boat bath bombs left! Comforting lavender bubbles and a swe
Do you know someone as Pretty as a Picture? If so, why not treat them to a Lush gift set! This one contains our hand harvested sea salt bath bomb Sakura an
Today weve been creating some colourful  #bathart with our Mothers Day #exclusive bathbombs. Can you guess which ones these are? Tell us in the comments!
Snap! We’ve found some lovely products that match our hair! What Lush product matches your hair the best? #lush #lushcolchester
Look how beautiful our Heart Of Enlightened Expectation is. If you love both the bubble bars and the bath oils, this could be the perfect choice for you as