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Marcus Westberg


Conservationist, photographer, writer, speaker, guide, vegan, traveler 🦍 WPY finalist 🦁 Africa, Asia, Arctic 🌿 Nat Geo, bioGraphic, Maptia, Vagabond 🐘

K A P U T T 😳
This is how I feel after two days in Bangkok! I used to if not love then at least enjoy the hustle and bustle of Thai
D I V E R S I O N 🧙‍♂️
I’m jetlagged and exhausted (arrived in Bangkok yesterday, having spent less than 18 hours at home af
N O M A D S 🇹🇩
Time for something other than wildlife! Although my focus in Zakouma was largely nature, I spent a very interesti
B I G • B O Y S 🦁
I could use a nap myself now - on a plane to Bangkok after less than 18 hours at home (my flight from Tchad was
W E L L • F E D 🦁
It’s always nice to see healthy, well-fed cubs and pups! @zakouma_national_park has a surprisingly small numb
G I A N T • T U S K E R S 💦
Walruses are pretty huge - some males may weigh as much as 2000kg, although most fall between 700 and
A B Y S S I N I A N • R O L L E R 🐧
Sorry for the silence, folks! My days have been pretty hectic, and the wifi terrible. It’s
P O S E R 🦁
Hey, where’s the lioness emoji?? Sexist Instagram! 🤔😂 Unless you’re in a flat, open landscape, it’s hard to
G O R I L L A • C A R E 🦍
While we’re on the subject of gorillas (as we often seem to be!), here’s a photo from a @gorilladoc
C L O S E • E N C O U N T E R 🦍
When visiting gorillas it’s important to keep your distance - not because they’re dangerous (
P E R S P E C T I V E 🐘
Photography is about storytelling, about sharing an experience with your audience. It’s easy to get caugh
F I S H • E A G L E 🦅
Lions, hippos, and hyenas will have to excuse me, but the most African sound to me is the call of the Africa