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NYC artist ”All My Friends My Enemies” music video out now! Click the link below!

Thank you @alohanyclounge for inducting me in your hall of fame!!! Or wall of fame!!! The beat!!! #alohalounge #alohaloungenyc #bars #rhymes #newartist #ne
Going down tonight!!!!! Come see me perform my songs!!! The beat!!
Whether you wanna except it or not, sales is everything. Everything is a sale, whether its a product, service or yourself. Theres is NO BETTER SKILL then t
All my up and coming artist pay attention!!! These are the reasons your friends aren’t supporting you!! The second to last is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to unde
So real.....dont be trapped in society with buying a house, 401k, pension jobs, salaries, tax refunds, vacation days- all these are designed to keep you tr
Hit 1000 subs!! ( This is a huge accomplishment for me!! My numbers growing but still feel Im at the same spot 😞 so much m
Woooooooo get em young man!! “All My Friends My Enemies” link in bio!!!! The beat!!!!! #newartist #newrapper #newmusic #rapping #bars #concert #hiphopn
Good looks for coming out!! @meechortest 🙏🙏GREAT SHOW!! Video dropping!!! The beat!!! #nyc #nychiphop #hiphopnyc #neverstop #neverquit #alwayswork #h
Big show plus big tune pon top ya heads !!! Suprise me tonight but make sure u let me know I HAVE TICKETS!! MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH ME WE WILL WORK SOME
Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! This is good!!! Real good!! The beat!!! Movie music video link in bio almost at 100,000 views!!!! Available itunes/spotify youtube sound
You did it!! You conquered your fear!!
Now do it again, what you thought that was it? lmao!! It just begun!!!!
#newartist #newrapper #newtalent #performing
There will be more this is just announced!!! Feb 13th - The Social Butterfly - 9:00 a clock 
Feb 17th - African Poetry Theater 9:00 a clock
Feb 18th - Aloh
When your friends dont support you, its saaaaadddd
Link in bio for full movie
Available itunes/spotify/ all that shit, the beat!
#newartist #newrapper #new