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Holly Mather


• Solo traveller • Shan State, Myanmar 🇲🇲 📍 • Expat - attempting to work, study, and travel

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Bangkok.
Welcoming in the year of the dog. Chinese new year has probably started to mean more to me that my own cultures new year, I have more friends on this side
We arrived at 2am, exhausted after a full days work, hungry and for me in pain. Flying with a cold was the worst ear pain and long immigration lines (2 hou
สวัสดี sah wah dee khaa Bangkok 🇹🇭 How is it visa run time already?! A weekend in Bangkok for my visa that has turned into 4 days due to
Cycling around Inle last weekend with @whitdeewhit, way away from the crowded vineyard to the best sunset spot in town!
Christoph brought this painting of Inn Dein as it reminds him of our other favourite pagoda Kakku... he was the first buyer of the day so his money was luc
Whitney got a good photo of my fave noodles! Shan noodles at a hut in Inn Dien, found by accident several months ago when we visited on a festival day and
IS IT MEEEEE???! Hello Puppy!! This little guy has grown so much in the past month ❤️ 🐶
More of this babe :D ^ the boat driver let us climb on the front of the boat - something Id not done on my other ten or so boat rides and it was AMAZING F
This babe ^
Sometimes you gotta take a different look at things, and some days you gotta go with your guts, even if everyone else has different ideas be true to your v
These are my stupas.. # watch doggy