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Curtis aka CJ


I'm here to inspire fit and healthy lifestyles. Join me on this fun and wild adventure!! ✨👇🏿Enter my free Giveaway contests & more👇🏿✨

🔼 👕: This Vibranium Performance Armour Shirt I created is fire!! Black Panther fans will appreciate! ✊🏾 If you want one let me know !! - @revupf
👑 My motivation everyday comes from a bloodline of royalty. My parents gave me everything I have , they wanted more for me than what they had themselves
🔼Strength training mixed some light cardio and core work ended at 10pm yesterday. And Im back at it today. Big week ahead!✊🏿 #weights #lifetimefit
📢 Guess Who took over NCR today!! Thats right! The Panther kicked butt in the Cross Functional training class today led bu @nubeingwellness ! Just anoth