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photographer,motorcycle,travel,adventure #ferrykana #Djarambahadventurinc #djarambahfly #eigeradventure #eigerriding contact me: ferrykana@gmail.com

Kadang kalo gue kepanasan di jalan, warung2 begini bagaikan oase untuk gue istirahat. Liat aja gimana itu ibu leuehan dengan santainya, sementara  bapa mer
I finally arrived at The house of Bikers Brotherhood on Lampungs Check Point. After almost 3 months exploring Sumatra island, this house is the last one o
This gravel road will be dissappear in the next few month. How lucky i am to have an opportunity to try this track before the asphalt come. 
The feel of na
The long beach of Muko-muko. Its an ideal beach to ride with a bike. With traditional fisher village and its boats, Muko-muko can be a nice tourism spot !
Riding along the west coast of Sumatra, you will see many places that makes you do a quick stop and take pictures. 
And after this trip is over, i have ton