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Spending needless monies on tagging your seedlings? Go to the fancy local, wasteful snack spot and order a syrup water with your pricey bread bowl, dine in
Cool new game we got to have some leisure time while learning about different pairing scenarios for a food forest project. #foodforestcardgame #foodforest
Getting LC into syringes and then to grains. Garden Giant and Pearl Oyster.  @paulypore provided the Oyster. #fungi #okc #pearloyster #gardengiant #kingstr
@paulypore put these Oyster buckets in the seedling GH day before yesterday. The temps been perfect for fruiting. #fungi #okc #oystermushrooms
Baby in the garden.
Getting grains ready to get King Stropharia spawn going.  #fungi #okc #remediation #soilhealth #urbanfarm
Garden Giant mycelium growing in the honey liquid culture. #kingstropharia #gardengiant #fungi #growyourown #soilremediation
Been working on Blake’s front yard. It’ll be where out cut flowers go for the season. This is the second year on this plot and thanks to @paulypore int
So I got a little goofy moving this ol Chicken house. It went a tad wonky when I lowered it onto the trailer. It required a cool 3 leg stand on some jacks
Getting some starts going for the 2018 micro CSA we’re doing. Excited and grateful for the group we’ve got this season. Got some heat lamps underneath
Had an idea to screen these duffy hardwood chips. Will try to inoculate them in bags with King Stropharia grain spawn, use it in our seed start mix and mix
CSA season started. Thanks @rhoroo and @love.wins for joining in the fun and sharing the love! Seeds, Garden Giant spores and soil mix. #localfood #csa #re