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Cameron Cairnduff 🍏


Creative Director at Little Apple // creating videos on YouTube 🔴 🐶 NEW VLOG ABOUT DOGS (link below) 🐶

I’ve spent the past few days emerging myself in VR to see what kind of benefits I can learn from as a filmmaker. I don’t think people really realise ye
goodbye my old friend! may you rest in peace ✌️ #macbookpro
Despite coming out of retirement recently, after 6 years of loyalty the canon T3i has finally given up the game due to a broken LCD screen. Sure you could
a dog is for life not just for Christmas.... but you can always borrow a doggy if you know where to look. new vlog explains all! (link in bio) 🐶
when all your lights are currently being used... practical lighting will have to do. 💡
in a world where hustle and hard work is seen to be cool 😎 remember that creativity isn’t something that you can learn but rather must be discovered.
this is my oldest friend Dogger 🐶 he’s been my bff since birth, growing up and now he sits in my office reminding me of how far we’ve come together
last night I asked the internet if I could borrow a doggy. now I have one! meet my new friend Lord Byron!
‘a dude with a skateboard’ 📷 by @jacklewiswilliams
any excuse for a time-lapse.
I took this literally a few minute before I got asked to leave. Apparently it’s not ok to skate past the Terracotta exhibition.... (see the London vlog i
For me it’s about making cameras small, efficient and as lightweight as possible. This is the black magic pocket cinema camera with the BM video assist m