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Australia. I Quit Sugar. 12WBT. Photos of what I cook plus my Cat😻..maintained weight loss naturally of 55kg (110 pounds) ⬇️ for 15+ yrs

Mini diet day 3, week 2: just chicken and tomatoes tonight as my husband is working late and I cant be bothered to make anything fancier! 👌Count down t
Mini diet day 2, week 2: more chicken and salad....its quick and tasty enough so I dont get sick of it. Could not have a bigger case of the Mondays today
Sunday night back to the mini diet for the week again. Chicken with lots of salad 🥗 Happy Sunday, hope your weekend was a good one now off to watch Marr
A very basic brunch after spending too much money on a new swivel sofa chair for our 2nd mini lounge room....
Mini diet day 5: was going to mix it up but it was easier just to clean out my fridge with the remaining veggies and have chicken again. 1/2 day to go tomo
Mini diet day 4: Chicken and salad....when I buy store bought roast chicken I find I just dont get so sick of having chicken all the time. Is it the weeke
Mini diet day 3: Steak and veggies....now watching Married at First Sight just waiting for all the drama to happen......,
Mini diet day 3: Same breakfast as yesterday an egg, egg white frittata and a banana with a hot drink of fresh lemon and ginger on the side....so far so go
Mini diet day 2: Dinner of chicken with another big salad no surprises with this one ☝️
Mini diet day 2: Lots of very white coloured food for breakfast part 1....a banana, an egg and a home made mini egg white frittata
Mini diet night one: chicken breast with a salad of rocket, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, bean sprouts and then vinegar, oil and pepper. What are y
Sunday morning brunch before running around to prep for a week of seriously healthy eating...currently watching the new Queer Eye on Netflix, it is so good