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˚✧₊⁎la beauté est dans les yeux de celui qui regarde⁎⁺˳✧༚

Today I overslept and had to Oder my breakfast in my bed. You know, it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t expect anything, but reality was great. This toast tas
Good morning! I’m really sorry, but I’m back:) Well, today I don’t wanna write any long posts, nevertheless I wanna ask you one question: where do u
Guys, I’m living for a week. Happy holidays everyone 🎈
Soooo, guyyys. The final of the semester is around the corner, so I have to study harder. A lot of homework, old essays, open lessons, and so on. Yeah, it
I just wanna post this selfie. As you know, I’ve never posted something like this before, but everything happens for the first time, so why not. 
Today I
To be honest, I really like watches. I think that they make their owner seem like a solid person (if he’s a man) and like an expensive woman (if she’s
Today I celebrate my Bday. I’ve just woken up. My room is still full of balloons (you know how strongly I love them). There are lots of flowers in the li
It’s really snowing in my city right now, but this pic takes me back to the warm autumn. Actually, I have so many plans for the next “orange seaso
So, today I went to the nearest art studio. I’ve always dreamed about being a kind of artist. My arms grow from my ass, and my painting skills suck. Neve
Today I wanted to talk about dreams. I’m dreaming about dog for 8 years. My parents always say “no” or “later” and it makes me sad. 
Good morning! I decided to change my style, so now it’s time of change. 
First thing first, I’d like to tell you something. 
My perfect morning is:
- w
A few days ago ive opened a hot chocolat, and since that day ive become the biggest fan of this drink. Now i order it everywhere i go, cook it at home, i