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AUZette | Larissa Zemke


Eco-Elegance with a dash of daring. Designer • Consultant • Stylist • Texturette • TCK Montreal / Vienna / New York Coming soon:

It was fun chatting fashion and sustainability with Ariane, Montreal-based founder and designer of Denim upcycling brand Kinsu, at her atelier.  @kinsu_ate
Sundays Labor of Love || Tarte au Citron 
w/ @auberzinecuizine 
Celebrating our @lydia.zemke 
Happy Birthday Sister Love! 😘
Post Vday Textures 
#canadianliving #valentines #textures
V-neck for V-Day. 😉

#ootd #effortless #selfie
V-day Lunch textures 🍴😍 #textures #redbeet #vday
Heartbeet || V-Day lunch is all about the red spectrum.
Ft. my all time fave red beets. Fun fact: they reduce the risk of heart disease. 
Healthy tummy, he
Sprinkly Citrus Cleaning || This weekend has been citrusy. One thing for sure is Ive never been a fan of cleaning especially went it comes down to the nas
Monday Blues || Texture du jour
Blueberries are a great healthy way to start the week with a happy tummy. 😍

#blueberries #antioxidants
Divine Dreamy wallpaper for Dreamers. ☁☁☁ #time #dreamers
And then there is the Hollywood Indian Princess by Gail Tremblay, 2002

#museedesbeauxarts #woven #basketry
Living in vintage floral wool these days || ootd
#ootd #vintage #consciousfashion
George Lassos the Moon. Film: Its a Wonderful Life. || Oh, my man and my moon. 🌚
#mood #loveistruth #hope