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Jan 23, 2018 - 46:05

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest: What did you rate RAW 25 ? @mikeromewwe


matorr1207 1 month ago


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5. It felt like just another Raw.
bravoecho716 1 month ago
mr.wrestling 1 month ago
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bmn520 1 month ago


2.5 - I was there in Brooklyn, the opening started off strong with that Stone Cold/McMahon segment and I’d say the only other good part of the night was the Miz/Roman match. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that for half the on-air time we sat and watched the titan tron for Taker and DX/Razor’s segment and for 2 matches of Bray/Hardy and Balor Club vs Revival. Taker’s segment was son confusing and made no sense. The ending of the show was trash. That’s the build up you leave fans with for the Title match at Royal Rumble? Ok, so Strohman put Brock through a table - we’ve seen it before. A little more of an awesome brawl would’ve been cool. I regret going and should’ve saved my money and watched it Home, because that’s pretty much what I did in Brooklyn - watched it on a giant TV screen.
wrestlingisgreat 1 month ago
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They had so much star power, and didn't capitalize on it. I didn't enjoy the dx segment or the ending though... It was super boring.
ed.25_ 1 month ago


misticpapi 1 month ago