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Dec 16, 2017 - 56:50

Last year, Lizzie Hines gave birth in a central London street after she was turned away from a maternity ward that said her labour wasn’t advanced enough. One year later, she is trying to track down the down the stranger who wrapped her newborn son in a scarf to protect him from the cold, to thank them – and to give them back their scarf. She told BuzzFeed News that her son, Louis, is well and fine, and that she was really thankful for the strangers, including an off-duty doctor, who helped her. The hospital said it has apologized to Hines and carried out an internal investigation to reduce the risk of it happening again. . . . #london #uk #baby #buzzfeed #buzzfeednews #worldnews


super_man8854 3 months ago


May bhagwan bless them
brazuelan 3 months ago


Who the hell turns away a pregnant woman who’s labor isn’t advanced enough????