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Oxblood overload 💋
Did you catch this bag in my latest YouTube video? Its all about luxury bags that are better to buy vintage than new and is a collab
Is it hot in here or is it just me? I’m so high up here, I need another drink. I’ll even take it on three. Yeah, the drink is on me. 
i DECiDe whO,, WHEN,, N WHERE 
i hide away ,,, but i would NeveR hide a daY ,,,4 
my DiGNiTY iZ 2 hhiii to hop a gate! 
Once you represent ideA z they bec
50 on some mad ting 🤣
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MUA:  @che.mosley 
Obsessed with This color lately 💜 ️
🛑🛑New Video Alert 🚨Go Check Out the new video on My YouTube channel link in my bio, Go like comment and subscribe and Ill return the favor 
Estou na #estacaodaluz bb haha! Campanha linda da @salonlinebrasil da linha #meulisosalonline, estamos bombando e eu estou muito feliz de ser á escolhida
Guys Im back better and stronger thank you guys for the messages Ill be making a video this weekend Ive just had alot going on but im back ill never giv
👉👉 @mano.johnathan 👈👈
👇👇Segue :👇👇 👉👉@rapehiphopofficial
Quer ganhar o headset gamer? Veja este vídeo é veja como participar do sorteio.
Obs: importante cumprir todos os quesitos pedidos no vídeo.
Where else can you get a video about Fortnite and Kylie Jenner 😂
I WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED as a kid that I would be directing and acting in YouTube videos that would spark conversation around the world. 
The fact that t
Live streaming rn FoalOfJolly Mixer #love #mixer #live #watch #youtube #youtuber #jolly #foal #money #meak
Artistas acá esta uno de los videos que mas me han pedido, ya lo puedes ver en mi canal de YouTube #icaro_art .
#deadpool #youtube #youtuber #deadpool
Lets just appreciate how @janetcollection wig in style MOON have me looking like a whole meal 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hi guys! A new video is now live on my ch
New Reaction Rap to the Han Solo Movie TV Trailer from Star Wars. Video is at www.youtube.com/kardowalker If you like what you hear and want more, subscrib
De qué sirve recordar? Quizá no sirva de nada, pero… Recordar es volver a vivir. #tbt de la semana del youtuber. #youtubeproweek A cuál de todos estos
New intro 4 my series, an animator draws
check it out this Sunday on ma channel
or not i dont care whatever...
#artist #cartoon #comic #animations
Como é que faz, pra esse beijo não faltar se eu quiser mais? Bom desse jeito tá em falta no mercado.. 🎵😍❤️💃🎬📽️ #ciadedanca #youtube
Should I go live tonight or tomorrow and rec my first vid and livestream it for u guys...? #golive #live #fortnite #gamer #twitch #youtube #swag #youtuber
Coming soon..
This time next week Ill be sitting next to a pool...(birthday currently loading)...😎 Any guesses on where Im going for my bday?? Heres a hint...it ha
#tbt // High above Chicago, literally over 1,350 feet above 🏙
Can you believe how BIG these bass were in this TINY pond??? -
FOLLOW ----------------- @lojo.fishing
#fish #fishing #bass #bassfishing #bigfish #bi
Precisamos saber o momento se parar, de ficar atentos e de seguir em frente!!!
Tenha sabedoria ☺
Hi everyone & welcome to Slow Mo Kez, check out my latest slow motion video on YouTube, link is in my bio 😉
#photography #slowmotion #videography #y
New video coming TONIGHT!!! Its been a long time!! I needed the break! Thx for your patience. #marleedecember #youtuber #blackyoutubers #vlogger #vloglife
I LOVE acting with this cutie and HF veteran. Actress @erikaquintana brings a Kimmy Schmidt innocence to her roles that makes me laugh every time. ❤️
Decided to make a change for the better 💇🏽‍♀️ check the link in bio 
#YouTube #YouTuber #vlog #video #fun #comedy #like #subscribe #subforsub #
I made a new channel with 5 other awesome people. Go subscribe and check out our first video. Link in my bio! #newvideo #youtube #youtuber
Can’t just take a normal effin picture 😂
Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb
 Sebelum Ramadhan tiba, dan facebook katanya di tutup,dari pada gegelendeng.izinkan saya untuk meminta maaf jika ada salah kata, yg
MOR MOR MOR 💓🌹@sofiaalcastro
#DIVA #MOR #youtuber #IDOLA
Para a influencer e youtuber @raissaribeiro.oficial, o chapéu é seu símbolo de integridade e respeito! Uma foto maravilhosa que representa o seu estilo
Eaeee migos ❤️ vim aqui avisar que saiu vídeo novo no canal!
 Então vem dar um ibope pra gente kkk 😍🌼
Matheus @uaimatheus cantando 🎤 “Sozinho” e encantando seus seguidores com a sua belíssima voz e afinação! Está começando muito bem, Menino Theu
Katrina is an inspirational women who really inspired me to be brave enough to get my first tattoo and her channel is really fun and unique .
New Reaction Rap to the Han Solo Movie TV Trailer from Star Wars. Video is at www.youtube.com/kardowalker If you like what you hear and want more, subscrib
Vai nos STORIES e da uma olhadinha no que essa calça tem de diferente! 😉 Esse look deuso vc encontra na Mama beach que fica no @olimpiaopenmall ✨ E f
Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off. ~ Unknown ~
Investissez dans vos cheveux, cest la couronne que vous ne retirez jamais.
Make para Festa 🍸 Parte 2
Dans cette vidéo sur ma chaîne YouTube, je vous montre comment réaliser deux tuto spécial fêtes en utilisant la palette Heavy Metal de Urban Decay. J