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Youre only a Northerner. Never left the safety of your ice and tundra. What do you know of Tyre? What do you know of the salt and blood spilled there?
a lot on my mind, a lot to spill. #poem #poetry #poems #quote #quotes #writing
I acknowledge that I’m not really a writer but when inspiration hits you gotta write ! ✍🏻🎬. .
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Speak to my life Tay Fredrico!!... I highlight special things in my books 📚
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when there is light
you’ll see me
beside you a black
version of yourself
everything that you’re
trying to hide
but in complete blackness
we are one and
What do you believe? #amwriting
written with a close friend.
hello lovelies! yesterday i was tagged by @the_bookish_lover to do the #booksthatmademecry tag so here we go! ✨ a list of cages by @robinroewriter ✨ th
Stop what you are doing Right now and Follow @the_eccentric_1 🔥🔥 👉 a growing spoken word artist brings that Love through her rhymes and writes.
Back to the basics.
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텝스 800 목표반(뉴텝스 450점 목표반)듣고 목표점 넘겨서 시험 응시료 환급 받은 우리 학생~~!!
늘 열심히
from @mayaritter_ 
I’ve been writing a lot lately. 
This may be too lucid to be poetry but it’s fun to be weird and vulnerable on social media, so call
This weeks sign in has us wishing for sunshine, warmth and flowers!! 💐 #missfulldaykindergarten #kindergarten #kinder #fdk #k #iteachk #playbased #ece #
Turn on the sound for this one. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to record a #voiceover, here’s some outtakes from a recent session. Listen to
One of my favorites from last year’s iMagicon in Minot: the Warrior and the Ewok! I’ll be returning this year, April 27-29!
#reading #writing #warr
Ive been going through some things lately. The problem is, I dont really know what to think of what is happening. I dont even begin to know what it is t
“The wonder of the world,
The beauty and the power,
The shapes of things,
Their colours, lights, and shades-
These I saw.
Look ye also while life lasts.
Lately I’ve had the compulsion to write so many female narratives. Being a woman means a lot of different things we don’t always decide on and it’s d
Thanks for the artwork @macauley.seamus
Part 3 of Day 4! Rings the Fletchling evolved into Rings the Fletchinder ~ Encountered and caught Croagunk(Kapp) on Route 7 ~ Pomme the Bulbasaur evolved i
My first visit to Paris in 1994. It was hot hot hot. I wore bike shorts with Docs. #paris #timetravel #memories #writing #memoir #romance
my memories 
are kept somewhere besides 
my head,
they reside in a corner of reality
where the substance of
spoken words drip away,
dousing the very ground
He hecho de mi día a día un noche a
noche. Demasiadas metáforas para
la misma mierda de rutina.
Imagen tomada de:
@algeetescandar ❤️
How many lives will I live in this one?
How many times will I die and be reborn?
How many times will I feel I’ve figured it all out?
Only to have the
Sometimes we need to end to begin again.. ______________________________________________
More in story. Pls tag shares. 
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He smiles gingerly to the day that’s ending 
The antique clock now ticking 
eyes never catch
This is for you, not him...
I remained mum
about the time
I touched the sun
And instead of bur
Here I am, a masterpiece of his ruin.
Elle Bor
📷🛠 @atil.design
I want to be loved the way one would a hidden paradise-carefully...
The yellow tape around me
may tell you
that I am a storm,
sweeping the  stillness of the waves
The wind is like my spirit: beautifully rambunctious
There  was never a reckoning 
each time our hands slipped away 
not even a “see you later”
I miss you again
There’s streets I walk on and wonder about their ostentatious history. I wonder how many loves were birthed there, how many tears fell on the ground with
You are the perfect storm 
That I still chase
even on sunny days...
📷🛠 @atil.design
They say I’m a lost cause
And sometimes I believe them
On nights I play hide and seek
with m
A letter to you at 3am, Elle Bor Ophelia Series
I should be fine by now
But this waking-up-at-
oldie but goodie...
I crave them,
all the frills of the extraordinary 
To run into the blue sk
She bleeds 
So his touch can reach her
and cut through skin deep 
to feel that bit of tenderne
There’s a reason for spring 
To blossom after winter
a reason for the leaves 
to die after summer
a reason fo
I am a traveler 
an insurgent from permanence 
a rebel without stones 
But a craving 
Of timel