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Got some good training in at one south broad after training my client yesterday. If youre thinking of checking this place out. Theres different equipment
I thought Id take some comparison photos now that im down 15 pounds, and holy crap! I honestly didnt think my body had changed this much, but this is cr
There is no greater feeling than stepping on the scale and seeing all your hard work paying off. 
I am 5 pounds away from being in the 170s! I stayed at 1
JAN 28➡️APR 20
Despite my face not showing it in the picture from today, I am super proud of this transformation. The first picture I look very blo
A little bit of what I did this evening at the gym. These were my last reps and the lat pull down was my last workout of the evening so my shoulders were a
Do you need some healthy snack ideas? Try a yummy, well-balanced protein shake for 200 calories or less snack. 
1 scoop of protein powder = ~100 calori
Another shout out to some AMAZING people who got OBSESSED with me in Round 1 and had CRAZY good results! 80 days of committing to a HEALTHIER YOU!! #noquic
Full Body Strength Workout
Exercise Circuit
Dumbbell deadlifts- this exercises is a full-body functional movement used in everyday life - picking up gr
Got alot of work done. Little under 4 hours of shoulders, biceps and core. Just the ones I filmed. 
45 1x10
95 1x10
105 1x10
115 1x10
When you push yourself beyond your limit you grow! I see this daily in our clients not just physically but mentally...they have GRIT and I’m so impressed
That Full brolic, Swolerrific, pumpjuice, ayyoyoujackedson, kinda ohmygodyouliftbro workout. Otherwise known as 70mins to train back. 
Had to limit my dead
Kung fu kicker 
I watched Kung Fu Panda 🐼 last night (yes I’m a big kid and don’t care) and this morning’s workout was combat and I was laughing d
So proud of this girl right here!! She is loving being a coach and helping people get started on their fitness journeys, while also staying consistent on h
Today workout: Yoga flow which basically means nonstop movement. I adore yoga 🧘‍♀️I started it during my pregnancy with my son because I had so mu
Before my debaucerous eating today, I crushed a little upper body hypertrophy. Give this a shot next time you work your back as a good variation on a pull
Wednesday workout done! Sweaty face, scruffy hair and panda eyes! 🐼 🏃‍♀️ .
Hit up the gym today, 3k run completed... what idiot picks the tread
How MAD are you? 😋

Motivated and determined enough to join my 6 week challenge? 
My aim is to teach you healthy and MAINTAINABLE ways to eat and be fit
“Listen & learn” doesn’t have to stop at school. Talk to and surround yourself with successful people to delve into their stories and help create you
Favorite move of the day!  Flat back knees bent. Row up and lower for 3 count( working the eccentric movement!) then straighten knees and use your butt to
Booty booty booty rockin over here. 
Cut out sumo deads for a triple routine consisting of single leg rdl/box jumps/pistols.

The days of doing more extens
Tar-jay has my heart with this one❣️❣️❣️Instantly made me feel good about myself and that doesn’t happen too often when trying on bathing sui
For now on I will also be answering any common questions you have about fitness, exercise, and performance🔥 -
The question that gets the most votes will
Chest day yesterday.

First time using the slingshot for benching. I bought this a few weeks back but didnt test them out yet. Used it once before on tric
Once you put your mind to do anything you can achieve it. 
The road might be rough but at the end you will come out victorious

Fitness is like a relationship, if you cheat it wont work. #hustleforthatmuscle #workhardgetresults
Sometimes you have to step out of that comfort zone and try something new! I didn’t want to do this, but a friend asked and asked again so I went. So gla
I LOVE this. I always used to use the im too tired reasoning when I didnt want to go to the gym. But ive learned that I ALWAYS have more energy after
It’s okay to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time 🙌🏼❤️☺️ Embrace your journey every step of the way 🙏🏻 There will
My two brother in laws challenged me to a race...a sprint tri where they had a 30 minute head start...i did no training and they worked hard meaning both g
Success isn’t achieved with one sweeping push. It’s the countless, daily, under the radar wins that add up to pull you through. Make a point to recogni
That stomach be getting flatter and flatter 🙌 
This is what hard work looks like! This is what I have spent the last 8 month trying to reach! I am final
Amazing end to the weekend! I was petrified as my tutor was suddenly changed the night before this was submitted, with no warning... Apparently, Im unstop
Corvette blood runs deep in my veins....... #nofilterneeded #essanceoflife #workhardgetresults
Happy 35th post guys #workhardgetresults