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She is more than a good woman and a good person. She is a beautiful soul who carries light in her smile and love in her bones. 💗🌸✨@spiritofeterni
✨ Be patient good things take time..✨ Guten Morgen meine Lieben.💕 Ich wünsch euch erstmal einen mega mega schönen Start in den Pfingstmontag.☺
שבוע טוב 😇 מועדים לשמחה ❤
Good week ❤
#style #summer #view
I never want to stop making memories with you ❤️ @timur_drgt 
#mylove #love #renesse #hap
Ready for a longg weekend 🌞
i wish all of you a wonderfull day love you♡
G E W I N N S P I E L ❤️
heute möchte ich euch die Armbänder der lieben @jenoezerhmc vorstellen. 
Alles Handarbeit und mit ganz viel Liebe gemacht un
20180520 | A few more ingredients and well have a bananasplit 🍌 #bananas | 06.06 PM.

#asian #viet
As a Fashion Blogger, I love a beautiful and inspiring poem. This is my new favourite one
𝘙𝘰𝘴𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘳𝘦𝘥, 𝘷𝘪𝘰𝘭
✨S U N D A Y  O U T F ! T ✨
Ich hoffe ihr hattet alle einen schönen Pfingssonntag?! Das Wetter ☀️ hat bei uns wi
@mowoblog 😻
She is a paradox. She is faithful and yet detached. She is committed and yet relaxed. She loves everyone, and yet no one. She is sociable and also a loner
Sunny days 🌞🌞🌞
Ayer fue un gran día!!! Tuvimos el bodorrio del siglo!! 😍 Un día lleno de amor, emociones, sentimientos y de darlo absolutamente todo❤️ VIVA EL AM
Amal vs Victoria 😍
The duchess herself 👑 @mood_passion
@mowoblog ✔️✔️
Check link in bio
#blackandyellowblackandyellow 🎶
@boroda3f у тебя вообще бывает творческий кризис, когда нет  идей для новых видосов?) судя
This bag takes our breath away!
It looks great with a splash of colour and is handmade with love 💗 💗💗
So versatile!
Bag: @carolinalifestylelabel