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West Valley FFA is in the House. Time to get our leadership on. At the 90th California State FFA Conversation. #californiaffa #ffa#blueandgold #hemet #thef
Foresters, architects, engineers and state officials in Oregon have invested heavily in mass timber technologies that allow wooden structures to stand ta
Straight A’s honor roll!
- Last session Tomás was A/B’s honor roll.
- Tomás: dad I want to be in the straight A’s honor roll, at least once.
Me: To
Straight A’s honor roll!
- Last session Tomás was A/B’s honor roll.
- Tomás: dad I want to be in the straight A’s honor roll, at least once.
Me: To
Fridays awards breakfast for #hamptonroadsccap. Congratulations to all in attendance,  you should be very proud. 
#ccapiscooking #ccapalumni #ccapfamily #
SOFT PLAY! 😄 #2yearsold #toddler #thefuture
Ons kindjes, elke dag trotser 😍
#thefuture#brotherandsister#Tuur&Roos ❤️
Sunday Funday @pinstack Laser Tag was so much fun! Adults vs kids. They were taking me out left and right. They had the best hiding places. I was sticking
This weekends festivities #Famliyties #Educating a family near you #Trustthescale #Lovesthekids #thefuture #checkrunners #venicebeach #LA #chicago
#TheFuture we have to take care of em. #LoveYouSon.
#LFWP 🎬 Narrative: 
Bringing places to life in three ways .... ft. The Royal Exhibition Building 👑 and Carlton Gardens 🌳 @museumsvictoria.
‘Go Y
The best of the best meet June 9th Enfusion Newcastle! 💥💥💥 Get in touch with me for ringside tickets! 
Standard tickets available online, see link
This what I hard go💪🏽 for 💯🍫🍫#melanin #melaninkids #mommysprincess #mommyprince #thefuture #protectourchildren raising a Queen 👑 n King
The most electrifying moonsault in sports entertainment
Chillin wit da Gang 😎 My son to the left, did I 4get to mention!? He got lil cuz no matter what 💯💯💯 big bro/cuz a be home from school soon yal
Let me introduce you to the 2018 Nike NCAA Spring Showdown 6th Grade Champions. We brought that hardware back to the ATL from Chicago! 
2.0 ~2024 went Unde
E anche ieri una bellissima giornata @ Orvieto con i nostri allievi!
Mangaka e Fuze portano a casa un secondo posto e una semifinale allUnder18 Orvieto Bb
@nikelab @erlsn.acr ⠀
#thefuture #futuristic #futurist #y2k #cyber #futurist
www.MikeBuffalo.com/teams 🎥🏀 9U Team #TheFuture (FAITH & GRIND WARRIORS)
It’s fight week for undefeated Riverside prospect @joseph_landeros (12-0, 12 KO’s) as #TeamLanderos has wrapped up a great camp with new trainer @estre
Happy Monday - from the cutest soccer player in the world ❤️ #KK #2Yearsold #MondayVibes #Mondays #SoccerTraining #GoalScorer #TheFuture #GirlsSoccer #
#nofliter #noedit 
In 3rd week of my transformation following E-Book

link in bio 👉 @ifbbpro_jkaliwala

🍼 @b
#excavation at the farm. Need to clear out about 2 acres in the next two days. Then flatten land. Then drop in the babies. #farm #farmlife #excavator #chai
Boston Celtics-Milwaukee Bucks
Come tutti ipotizzavano dopo linfortunio di Kyrie Irving, la serie tra Boston Celtics e Milwaukee Bucks si conferma
Golden State Warriors-San Antonio Spurs
Il nostro connazionale Ettore Messina riesce a sconfiggere i campioni in carica di Golden State, dopo una pa
My morning commutes have been proving to be very productive. 2 down 2 more to go. #sonic #nerd #sega #thefuture
Toronto Raptors-Washington Wizards
Sotto di quattordici lunghezze allinizio del secondo tempo, i Washington Wizards di Scott Brooks rimontano i Tor
It was surely an adventure trying to aware youngsters about environment, water and land rehabilitation.. High five @dimaqutub for acing these two weeks
Cleveland Cavaliers-Indiana Pacers
Serviva una reazione dorgoglio e di carattere, di cinismo e personalità ai Cleveland Cavaliers di LeBron James
My king 
Yall already know how we coming❤ 

BTW Cuttin Up Video in his bio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥K.I.N.G SHIT M
Hey IG homies! Since my return from the Peace Corps, I’ve been working with @globalfundforchildren (GFC), a non-profit partnering with local community le
Today is the day that I wave my hand goodbye to Texas. It was warm, it was cold, it was rainy but thankfully no snow. Yesterday, I waved and hugged and cri
Oh hey, show me you ink 💉
Ο Κωστάκης και η γάτα του μαζί #fakesmile #staring  #thefuture
#diginativesenelDFectuoso  #madeallthestops // oh, to be so young and have experienced so much, n yet still have your whole lives ahead of y’all // 🖤
We’re looking for experienced dance, drama and singing teachers for classes in Minster and Sittingbou