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Clay mixing🍎🍎🍎 this slime is called toffee apple!!! Made with model magic clay🍉scented sour apple!!!
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The Red Apple 🍎 @subridentslimes | It looks so pink on camera but its not!
Q; Have you ever been to New York?
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Disney movies big hero 6 bamax so cute @audeezslimes 
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Grape 🍇 fruit -
- -QOTD: what’s your favorite day of the week and why?
-AOTD: I like Friday because it goes in to the weekend -
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*WOODEN POWDER CLAY MIXING VIDEO PT 2* I added in some more clay and lotion off-camera cause it was easier to mix there 😆 |  soo the full video of the c
(repost bc my watermark wasn’t right)
This is in honor of @arianagrande’s new single called No Tears Left To Cry! This is a
💕 Súper hearth slime! ♥️ look at this jiggly slime! ❣️ i really love this slime it’s amazing! Hope y’all enjoy the video! #followme #follow
Cotton candy cloud slime🦄🦄 sooooo floofy!!! Scented cotton candy🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭 #slime #cloudslime #floam #slimer #slimevideo #slimeasmr #slimes
did you guess correctly ??🍊
🥂personal: @kyutiea
🐻backup: @peachycreamery
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Iced Pineapple 🍍
Fresh pineapple crunchy slime! It’s so pretty and makes the best bubble pops 😍 This slime is for sale on my Etsy shop! LINK TO MY
Blue clay mixing!! This slime turned out okay but it is a little sticky! I bought the clay from @slimeypath! Comment Slime letter by letter for a permanent
Disney movies big hero 6 bamax @crybunnieslimes 
#slime #slimey #slimer #slimevideos #satisfying #asmr
Just some fallout floam poping :)
Happy Friday😀
Anyone know how to fix bead fallout slime?😞 #slime #slimey #slimer #slimepoking #satisfying #satisfyi
polar ice! ❄️ welcome to our slime account! 
Q: what’s ur fave cold drink?
A: I love iced caramel macchiatos! 
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❥ what is your fav subject in school ❥
-mine is English language Arts
fc;79 🌙@swirled_slime

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Ignore my nails, I need to get them redone 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
From @slime_og, Mango papaya sorbet 🍊 (yes ik that’s a orange) 😂
I only ha
Check out my NEW Mini Party Favour Slimes now available on my Etsy store 🦄🌈❤️
Link in bio ⬆️ #slime #slimes #fun #love #happy #kids #slimetim
DOUBLE RAINBOW ACROSS THE SKYYYYYY hahaha i could laugh at that video forever. dis so cute and dis smell like blueberry cheesecake heaven 🤤 i started my
happy birthday @coffeeslimeee ! i met you on the VERY FIRST DAY of this account bahah. I had like 30 followers when u asked for fff on a BOBA REPOST💀 li
*WOODEN POWDER CLAY MIXING VIDEO* PART ONE |  REPOSTED |  hey everyone, I’m finally posting something!! 🤗 |  so a while back I went to daiso with @sli
Hehe i’m spaming sr u guys 💕
👉Limited Slime : Rainbow Cake 🌈🎂
Hàng chỉ có khoảng 10 hộp thoy mn nhanh tay nha ♡
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Part 1/5 of slime collection. Tried to put in collection mode but the captions won’t zoom out and this is the only way... So there will be a slight spam.
Butter Baby Kisses💋

Umm...🤤🤤🤤 This slime is amazing!!!👌 It is so buttery and a perfect texture😍

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(Slime 24/7) 🕘
Name : Sweet Cloud ☁🍭
Texture : Cloud 💕
💰Price : 50k
#slime #slimer #slimey #cloud #cloudslime #candy #crackers #like4li

As promised I said I would post the chocolate strawberries finished product so here ya go! This will be in my restock tomorrow. Who’s interes
No name.
QOTD: apples or kiwis? 🍏 🥝 •
Challenge: comment I love and then hit the middle button.
Mine: I love ya bud ya know what y’all do
Cherry Blossom Festival! This is a clear based slime with pink glitters, Gold sequins, and slushy beads. It is scented like cotton candy. I am in love with
(slime 24/7) 🕘
Name: Banana Choco🍫🍌
Texture : slay slime 💕
💰Price : 80k
👉come w a cute banana charm -
#butterslime #slime #slimer #
Lolli Blossom slime from @slimekiingg ! Wonderfully scented butter slime, a bit like clean lavender 😍🌺💮 Love the lollipop charm! Had to wrestle wi
🍌Banana Cream Pie🍌
This slime is sooo glossy and clicky😍 Smells bomb...😋and just like bananas😁It has some foam beads but not too many😄