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This bar is so freaking chewy and chocolatety I freaking cant😍😍😍✨✨
-such a crappy day already looking forward t
So this is my first Luna bar... and I gotta say, I’m down with it. It reminds me a lot of my childhood and those snack bars I was given in the morning wh
Včera padla třetí a poslední příchuť #HighProteinSnackBar od @bulkpowders_cz 💚#StrawberriesAndCream (aka jahody se smetanou 🤤)
Zaprvé tedy fa
Someone is jealous of my Beachbars. I may not have shared with my pup, but I did share with my husband. Shockingly both of us peanut butter lovers gave our
@bitefuel Power Bites Protein Cookies.
Taste ➡️ Very sweet nice little chocolate chip flavours, tastes like cookie dough
Texture ➡️ Not a cookie te
Tried this @halotopcreamery ice cream . I think they should really change the flavor name to “Maple” instead of pancakes and waffles. Felt like I just
Today’s business class went swell 🤓😝 now gonna got the gym and go to a baseball game laterrrr! STILL sore from Monday but we’re gonna make it wor
Barebells salty peanut gotta be one of the best proteinbars out there. Just love the taste! 9/10 😄
This was not good, sorry Muscle Food 🤢

If you like the taste of regret with a hint of lemon and a big old soapy aftertaste then you will love it. (I
Fitmiss salted Carmel bar-  as salted Carmel goes, it’s pretty alright. The salty to sweet ratio is quite nice, it reminds me of the flavor of a maple ba
@optimumnutrition Chocolate Frosted Donut Cake Bites.
Taste ➡️ Lots of Milky chocolate, it does have a bit of a doughy donut taste but this is more of
🥕🍰 Carrot Cake @nocow bar 🍰🥕
This is their newest addition to their flavors, and also the first bar Ive tried since their refo
Today and yesterday are definitely one of those days where you are never full😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’ve literally had like 6 meals and it’s 5pm OK!
FitJoy Birthday Cake Batter Protein Bar🎂
➡️swipe for nutrition label
Overall Id compare this almost exactly to the Quest Birthday Cake bar. Only
REVIEW for @one1brands Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar!!!!
Im a chocolate chip cookie dough fanatic. Its my weakness/
Mhhh @one1brands - Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake - bar ! I like these one bars really much. They have so many different sorts of taste. But my review to tha
Obviously I didn’t just eat vegetables for dinner 🤣
Had to get some protein from somewhere!
His bar has great macros, but wasn’t great in textur
Crazy how some things can just be so inexplicably different and amazing 🙈😍So the review of the @universalusa new Animal Snak bars and the flavor is r
Not tried NEW Sinister Labs Sinfit Protein Cookies? 🍪
Well heres a great review from @lifeisgorgeouzzzz that may tempt you....
#Repost @lifeisgorge
Haven’t posted in a while so I’m gonna write about something I notice when it comes to my body. We all know we have the so called ‘metabolic damage
Doma mám v mých oblíbených zásobách nějakou dobu tuhle tyčku od @phdnutritionuk #dietwhey příchuť #darkchocmocha ..Tak jsem si střihla, kterou
Z @rxbar jsem měla příchuť #PeanutButter, #PumpkinSpice a i přesto, že tato #Blueberry byla z nich nejlepší, nevýraznější, nějak nemám potře
Morning guys and happy Tuesday! I tried one of the new @oatein bars last night - white chocolate and strawberry 🍓 as a white chocolate lover I was excit
Oh this review is gonna be sweeeet🤩So my first @sinisterlabs protein cookie to be reviewed is the birthday cake flavor and here goes👌One cookie is 78
@optimumnutrition Protein Cake Bites. 
Taste ➡️ Sweet throughout and it really does taste like a mini birthday cake, the outside is like icing and the
FitJoy Homemade Pumpkin Pie Protein Bar
➡️swipe for nutrition label
This was one I just randomly picked up yesterday, and one which I assumed would
@fitjoy Birthday Cake Batter 
Taste ➡️ It’s sweet but not overally sweet with a real cake batter kind of taste.  It does have a savoury twang to it w
Anche al #lavoro si può fare una giusta #merenda
MELA 🍏 cotta con crema di Barretta #protéica al gusto Choccolate e Cream sciolta nel latte 🍶 di co
Best Tasting Protein Bars


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You all need to try this new flapjack from @phdnutritionuk ❤ Its so soft, sweet and has texture like a cake 😍 definetly be ordering other flavours to
Preworkout #thedailyrxbar 🖤🖤🖤🖤 my favorite flavor chocolate sea salt!🖤🖤🖤
-today I did an early sesh of arms and abs and rowing!!! Plus
@optimumnutrition_ie Strawberry Whipped Bites review

Calories for both bites: 244. C29/ P20/ F8.1 So these are higher calorie than a lot of protein bars o
The Iconic Cookie Oatmeal Raisin
➡️swipe for nutrition label
I was not expecting much from a protein cookie because I tend to hate on them but this
@fiberone chocolate chip crunchy cookie.
Taste ➡️ Tasty! It has a good amount of sweetness with hits from the chocolate chips and undertones of a smoot
Tak takhle byla o moc lepší! Zero bar od #biotechusa v příchuti čoko karamel 🙋🏼‍♀️ chocolate chip mě docela zklamala, ale takhle napravil
Quest Hero chocolate caramel pecan flavour.

Note: The use of allulose in food has not yet been permitted in Europe. So these are only available in the US
Nut Free Protein Bars For Kids – They Will Love The Taste


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Smashing this months box again @myhiitkit 👌

Some of these goodies Ive tried and love @phdnutritionuk the dark chocolate raspberry being one of my favo
High protein peanut butter review coming up now😁So this is the @myproteinuk summer fruit pudding flavor and it’s a crunchy butter! Macros are of cours
I tried this Mars protein bar from @proteinbymars. Its flavoured like Mars yet had the protein bar consistency. Hmmm 🤔 Id prefer another type of prote
A solid crunch with a chocolate kick. The texture was very different, but not bad. I would definitely try another @squareorganics .
#protein #proteinbar #p
I took home the gold in a little competition held by @discount_supps and @fulfil_nutrition today. 
Challenge was to get the most leg raises in a minute. I
My children cannot even contain themselves 🤣😜🤣😍😝🤣😂 You can always tell when my “Hop-Sa-Daisy” 🌼 is super excited about somethin
Saturday Breaky before the grocery store to grab a few things:)🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎
-my sisters friends are taking up my kitchen and I jus wanted to ge
Kirkland Signature Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Protein Bar🍫🥜
➡️swipe for nutrition label
Overall I feel 10 of these alone as worth the 19$
So the last of the @sinisterlabs_uk range 😢
I’m so sad that it’s over 😫
Chocolate chip cookie, this one was covered in chocolate and thick ch
Not what I was expecting, I thought they were going to be soft textured like a soft baked cookie but they were light and crispy like a pre packaged cookie
The daily @rxbar 🍁🌻🍁
Maple sea salt 💛💛💛
-plus my baggies of veggies and dark chocolate Bc I FEEL LIKE A BOTTOMLESS PIT todayyyyy! Must fu
@phdnutritionuk White Chocolate Blondie

I have loved this range of PHD bars, one even got a 10 from me! So I was very excited to try this

Calories: 241.
Its a cookie kinda day 😂
What a beautiful cookie fully loaded with all the drizzle and sprinkles .
Reposr from @cwtowers_13 -  @sinisterlabs_uk bir
@sinisterlabs_uk birthday cookie for the birthday boy 🙋🏼‍♂️🎂🍪 the cookie itself is nice & soft with a strong flavour but the texture is a
This morning as my pre workout meal I had this Protein Quest Bar.
I was actually really expecting it to be great as so many people have raved about it... b
I spy with my little eye this little beauty thats now in my belly. 
This was downright just incredible. Very sweet, very cinnamon-y and very filling. I wo
Breakfast - My favourite meal of the day
For me I always have a breakfast which is easy to eat whilst driving to work.
That normally comes in the
It’s my birthday in a couple of days so im all about the birthday cake flavours 🤗
@one1brands Birthday Cake Bar.
Taste ➡️ slightly bland to begin
Lowest Calorie Protein Bars – Can’t Go Lower!


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Did you ever see a better looking cookie? 🍪🎂
It just doesn’t stop, another amazing protein snack from @sinisterlabs_uk
Texture of these are ama
Логичным продолжением темы протеина, пожалуй, будут протеиновые батончики 🍫 🍫🍫
The Best Protein Bars for Women – Just Can’t Be Better! 

#bestproteinbar, #proteinbar, #proteinbars, #protein
Protein bar review: @clifbar nut butter filled bar chocolate banana flavor ✌️🤓One bar is 50gr/230 kcal😁Texture is again really nice! Chewy and so
Kirkland Signature Cinnamon Roll Protein Bar
➡️swipe for nutrition label
Cheap protein bars with a decent taste. The original Costco Protein Bars w
@questnutrition Chocolate Caramel Pecan Hero Bar
Taste ➡️ Starts off quite savoury then the chocolate and caramel combination kicks in, they work so we
A new brand to try today from @fitjoy, this was the birthday cake batter flavour and was so lovely, quite similar to the @one1brands bars in taste, really