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Patient saves the day again!! 😍😋🍕 #clinicdays #busyday #familymed #overbooked #sohangry #getinmybelly #freepizza #patientsloveus #chicago
“Yes No Maybe So”

Ory struggles to say, “No”.
Ory’s calendar overflows.
Ory’s running out of time.
Ory always feels behind.
S/O @lizitto on
Is it Friday yet?
I somehow overbooked myself this week. I have somewhere to go every day this week and have baked more in the last 4 days than I have
@AmtrakNEC @amtrak Inevitably... stopped on the tracks again. What’s the deal #Amtrak 😠 Does my answer lie within the Photo? Maybe I’m the chump for
Pientä ylibookkausta hotellissa. Ilmainen taksikyyti läpi kaupungin ja nyt nopea pyrähdys hotellissa. Parvekkeella näkymä on rauhoittava ja hiljainen.
April showers brings R8’s freezing rain? Enough of the snow already!! Being a mobile detailer in Canada isn’t a year long operation. Can’t wait for M
Ahhhh le printemps, je taimmmmmme !!!!! 😁. 20min de stretching sur ma terrasse pour se déverrouiller avec vu sur mes tulipes dAmsterdam et ma menthe
This morning as I was adding things to my already crazy busy planner, I found myself becoming very overwhelmed. I have things scheduled, I was adding thing
#overbooked #insecthotel 🐝 😉
Part 4: Somehow after a very beyond booked Sunday Javier, our groomer (and Emilys husband) finds the time to groom one of his daughters. #overbooked #sund
Long coat on, feeling cold. Also standing with the crowd because it looks like AA over booked and they are asking for people to give up their seats 🤦
Came home yesterday after running around town and went to take my shoes off... 🤣

Yeesh-distracted much?!? And, why didn’t anyone tell me??? 😂🙄
Begin all your trips feeling totally confident with travel insurance from as low as rm15.90 #travelinsurance #travel #wanderlust #outbound #inbound #travel
OMG why cant some stylists just tell the truth ! 😠😄 Thats why we clients run our errands first,THEN go to the salons. Like the doctors office, the
Never let them see you sweat! 😏 
Your current #situation is not your final #destination. 
#blackgirlmagic #fiercebeyondmeasure #unbothe
#bealion🦁 #bealion #Overlooked #overbooked  #motivationquotes #motivation #efforts #keeppushing #conquer #mindset #fighting #nopainnogain #efforts #neve
Quand ton carnet de mariage a une tête pareille tu te dis que tu as bien avancé mais qu’il te reste encore pas mal de choses à faire avant le jour J
Even Skycopers can’t escape flight cancelations. Shit happens, but always looking at the bright side of the thing - just met amazing foreigners and feel
This week in April Part 1: I was on a flight that was overbooked, bought a last minute ticket, filmed some amazing Kenyans. #kenyanairways #overbooked #sou
I Really Need One ‼️😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾Over Booked But Ima Make All My Shows 💯 I’m Workin Outcha ‼️🔥 #dretheartist #shows #ove
Aviation security officer who was fired after dragging a man off a flight last year has filed a lawsuit against the airline. #unitedairlines #overbooked #l
Meant to be flying to Sydney tonight..... Tiger cancelled the flight for Operational Requirements.... car wash is just as fun, right...?
#tigerair #c
Lecture du soir très instructive après la traditionnelle séance de renfo entre filles. Article passionnant : le cerveau peut il nous empêcher de maigr
Balance? We could all use some more of that in our lives right!? Check out Erin’s post about learning how to find balance from her pre-teen, up on the Bl
Il y a beaucoup de projets qui se construisent en ce moment dans ma vie. Il y en a tellement qu’ils se bousculent les uns les autres. Je courre, nous cou
Earlier tonight @united oversold my flight home. They offered up a sizable airline voucher for anyone willing to get on another flight. Well, I flew east t
Après l’effort ... Petite pause pour découvrir le nouveau lieu @paparaffaelepizzeria ! (Oui j’ai craqué pour un Spritz Amarena à 16h...)
#Overbooked #TeachUsLord
Smiles are conversation carriers and do I look like Im smiling? Its all about how much I feel like giving af to even pay anyone who got sumn to say about
What do you do when #flights are #overbooked and can’t get back to LA? Call some #industry friends and book some additional days on #claws #TNT show 😋
Sundays are for BIG auditions, running into good friends, podcast “research”, shirking responsibilities, and naturally boozy milkshakes 🍧🍻#weeken