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Competing Interests 30 × 30 oil on panel. I love the controlled chaos of myriad cars jockeying for a leg up along Manhattans avenues. In this compositi
Oil on glass 18x24 
Commissioned painting for @stephscreativitycorner
Micro connecting with all beings. Mom used to say. Is good luck when a bug step into your work. let them in. Welcome them. be part of the experience. best
So much beauty in here! Curated by @alexhodgkins lovely music and art!! Here till 8! Come by!
This beauty will be at @superfine.fair NYC!!! “Beautiful Chaos” 6..5x20” This piece is so fun with the bright magenta, metallic silver, rich black an
“Abstract 1”
48x48 inches 
Acrylic and Aerosol on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.
This is the first ever abstract painting I did that consists o
Share your memories in Central Park TOMORROW! The sculptures are ready for their big debut at the Naumburg Bandshell - please join us from 10 am - 6 pm for
A remarkable work by Abdullah Ali sold at our recent Washington DC show. 48 x 36 inches, Oil on Canvas #artsy #artnet #pakistan #pakistani #nycart #hellopa
Gorgeous sculpture on the southeast corner of Central Park by Yinka Shonibare. “Wind Sculpture 1” is meant to look like a piece of fabric in a gust of
Claude Monet, “Vetheuil in the Fog” (1879). Claude Monet was a French artist who pioneered the Impressionist movement. The idea of impressionism sprout
Plaster cast of Aviva, painted with interference gold ☁️☁️☁️
Anne Bachelier (@bachelier.anne) uses accents of red in an otherwise cool color palette to guide the viewers eye through her whimsical compositions.
E¥€ $€A U
New short video from my on-going series, 
the simple story | black + white = color. 
Using scanagrams and black-and-white 
photos primarily of plants, inse
Whats underneath is about to reappear.
Cool wall art as I was walking to the A line. I love colorful things 😊💛 #art #wallart #instagood #igart #graffiti #paint #wallpaper #nycart #nycartis
I went on a first date today.😱 Dont tell my boyfriend!!🤫 Its was stone-cold awkward.😖 At first it was awkward because I felt like a 3rd wheel...
Taking it WAYYYYYYYY back to last week, when I rocked my Wake Up & Smell the Roses #artxbyshoes 😎🌹
👘The ever so popular ‘girls just wanna have fund$’ hoodie in black is still available at the bodega, and since it’s still chilly out you might as
canvas with  mixed media .....artist: Praise Jesus (@2praisejesus ) .. For sale..Free delivery in Nyc area only....shipping available internationally.....s
canvas with  mixed media .....artist: Praise Jesus (@2praisejesus ) .. For sale..Free delivery in Nyc area only....shipping available internationally.....s
Fresh off my OracleCam. An iteration of my Formless Realm series // video with my audio forthcoming 🖤 #nycart #lightart #sculpture #Vancouver #project
@1bridgethall, shot by Walter Chin via @cameronsilver #artxbug
I’ve been thinking about Priscilla the Monkey Girl for quite some time so today I took a break from computers and animation apps to start this new piece
If you’re looking for something to do this Saturday and itching to spend some of your cash after payday head over to @artistsandfleas in Brooklyn open on
Green Wave