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#medalmonday woke up this morning and saw my finishers medal from Saturdays Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon #popularbkhalf hanging from my bed. Running in
👏🏻 Congratulations... 🏔 @olaug1109 .
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Quote of the breathing:

If you want to understand your government, dont begin by reading the Constitution. (It conveys precious
~ The steeper the mountain, the harder to climb. The better the view from the finishing line ~
#hikingadventures #KayahState #MtLoiNanPha #highest #mount #
🏔@lriversbulkeley at the top of Everest after a number of attempts to make it to the summit. What an incredible achievement.
Lucy was the first European
«تکرار محصول»
کد محصول: ۱۸۲۲
کیف رودوشی جَک وُولفسکین مدل پِرسِر
-حجم: ۱ لیتر
-ابعاد: ۲
We can save you money for your memories.#mountaineer #mountaineerinsurancegroup #mountaineer
Struggle city #mountaineer #uncoordinated #1footinfrontoftheother
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Selamat Hari Kebangkitan Nasional 

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Selamat Hari Kebangkitan Nasional 
Kadang kita berpikir bahwa kita h
بار #سفر را ببندیم
از اینجا تا آرزوهایمان
همین بار بستن

#کوه #طبیعت #کوهنورد
Cinta dan Kasih Sayang Itu Bisa Datang Ataupun Pergi Begitu Saja, Kapan Saja, Dimana Saja, dan Kepada Siapa Saja Entah Itu Sahabat Ataupun Seseorang Yang K
Sunset. Moving mountains for children in need. Wherever you do your sports, you can move a mountain for children. And bring them what makes their daily lif
Sweet revenge ❤

I didnt get to witness this magnificent view during my first hike on this mountain cause it was raining real hard so it was just all f
Today, on Pentecost 🕊
Im so close to Heaven🖐
I am grateful to the Lord
🕊Pentecost - the feast of the Holy spirit
🕊I wish you a blessed Day
Ngiting abot langit ang saya 😁
De Pi a Talló, entre el blat i les muntanyes.
You might walk a mile in my shoe but you will never know how far I have come and how far I have to go .
Come hold my hand and walk with me let our brief jo
Another great feat by Team BSF has been accomplished today! All members of Group B, led by Deputy Commandment Avinash Negi have successfully summited Mount
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Asap indah pembunuh yang dinantikan
Satu satunya kentut yang di tunggu Dan dinantikan oleh seluruh pendaki gu
Fatigue and disappointment, after a few hours it’s converted to fuel and motivation for the upcoming races, can’t wait!
يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اذْكُرُوا اللَّهَ ذِكْراً كَثِيراً. وَسَبِّحُوهُ بُ
¡Semana del #camping ⛺ en nuestras tiendas y en forumsport.com! Lo hemos preparado todo con mucho cariño para que te pongas en modo vacaciones 🌞 y c
Her zaman, bir kişi eksik olacağız.... #SerdarAyrılmaz
У меня мини отпуск и я просто наслаждаюсь чудесными видами ❤️
А эти замечательные л
Its always further than it looks. Its always taller than it looks. Its always harder than it looks... And its always funnier than it looks!
From my first and unforgettable trip in Romania, just 1 hour from Bucharest 
A beautiful town.. With amazing mountain that I and another crazy guy go to se
Sempre in movimento, soprattutto quando riesco a farlo tra le mie amate montagne 😍
Of course I had to take advantage of this beautiful weather weve had today. Small trek along the roaches is always a favourite of mine.
Kinder Scout views, the highest point in the Peak District.
Spontaneous adventure to Snowdonia. Didnt manage to peak as we were not equipped for the snow and ice. 
Still managed to take some amazing photos, With th