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No Gymmembership? No problem. 
No Money for equipment? Here you go!
The beautiful thing about calisthenics is that many of the exercises you can do on th
Start from zero
I will prove my value to the company

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‼️‼️‼️This was my nakey weight this morning. ***** new lowest weight ever!! It was 207.0 with clothes on the new gym scale so that’s a 1.8 lb
Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. #Motiva
Change is healthy, so don’t be afraid to act when new opportunities present themselves! Be grateful to the universe for providing chances for personal gr
Ignore the crack in my mirror but #Morning 💋
#stayhumble 🙏🏽
♥Grand♥Theft♥Auto♥5♥Online :♥️
In this world it’s so hard to stay true to who you are. Keep yourself surrounded by people who truly appreciate you for who are, and make you feel the mo
that little evil mochi be laughing because he knows how powerful his tongue is, he has the power to make all of us faint just by licking his lips
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I don’t care if you like me or not. I will not change to please others. #dontchange #beyourself #beyou #loveyourself #loveyou #real #realyou
could someone explain to me the phenomenon of a running nose while looking into the sun? :o

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On the tail end of my workout my husband (who has been doing great at eating better) says I was bad last night... I had cookies. Your favourite ones 
En el momento que menos lo esperas simplemente sucede, el futuro es incierto asi que vive el presente como si fuera el mañana !!! #pictureoftheday #beyour
Spinach hummus + tiny tomatoes + salad + green onion + brie cheese + vegan bean balls 😍😍 my beautiful and tasty lunch eaten outdoor on our sunny terr
Anime: Golden Time
By: @banxelaineforever
Fuel for a couple days 😋
Life isnt fair get over it. -
Check us out 🔥 @motivationmilitia 👈
#loveyourself becaus you prettig
Leli i love you. You love you followers so much and you gif us so full and i hope that you have happy momments ❤sometime
Creepy as heck, but it made me laugh. Grateful for rainy days that water our earth and work days that I can stay in PJs and slippers. #loveyourself #hazel
Two years ago today I decided to change my life, I decided I had had enough of living my life in sadness and confusion. Getting sober was just the first st
Im most definitely done with work today. My PC crashed so bad I had to reinstall windows.. I got the Monday blues 🌸
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Makeup&hairdo by Ringmi Chan 
👰🏼bridal makeup
🌟event makeup
👭bridesmaids makeup 
Street of Joy was organised by the Heartfulness Institute with the idea of bringing to the people of Kolkata a host of  activities  which can help develop
Feeling lean and strong this Monday morning! Happy Monday everyone! 😘

All of our treasured ARMY who came to the #BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.4 ~Happy Ever After~! If you cheer for us
Such a #recoverywin for #lunch 💪 I usually never allow myself sweet things for spread and if I do, I cut sweets during day. Stupid system. Stupid rules.
Have faith in what will come ❤️💑 #lovetravelstheworld
When is the last time that youve #detoxed? 🚭⚠️☢ So,  its #spring and youre #cleaning everything else... dont forget your #body!  Its time for
The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Dont let them put you in that position.