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Guten Morgen zusammen! Euch allen einen guten Start in die neue Woche! / Good morning everyone! Have a great start into the new week!!! #thinkpositive #mot
Guten Morgen, habt einen tollen Start in die Woche!🙋🏼🐶 unser morgen fing mal wieder damit an, dass Filou seinen Lieblingsknochen unter das Bett ge
🌟 VACATURE THUISWERKEN 🌟 - Ben jij minimaal 18?
- Wil je geld verdienen met social media?
- Houdt je van beauty and healthproducten?
- Kans maken op
MadHats & best friends ever!!!! ...just more than 45 years of real friendship! THANKS both of you! 😍
#friend#cappellidipinti #lovemyhat #lovemyfriends #
If you say you Hawaiian then Aloha my Braddah’s 🍻my uncle make the best put him up against anybody! You just don’t know! #wsukinethingz #wsukinegrin
Москва, #городконтрастов блин, встретила снегом🌨 и 2 градусами тепла. Тепла, товарищ
Im a fighter, I’ll not give up, Ill stumble and I’ll fall but I’ll stand back up. It might take longer at times but I’ll stand back up and keep f
“Teach yourself to love Monday☀️☀️☀️.” #lovewhatyoudo #bekind #loveyourself #smile #enjoyeverymoment #lifeisgreat #surroundyourselfwithgood
#SundayFunday: Super grateful to Mother Earth for allowing me to experience her exquisite charm and healing nature in a totally new yet intense perspective
It’s a night I’ll never forget!  Had a wonderful time with my family and dear friends.  Thank you to everyone who came and celebrate with me. You all m
When you smack on some intense lip colour and for one night you forget that you’re really just a dirty backpacker💋
Fun fact : I was more than likely
Surrounded by the people I love and playing in my happy place.
Perfect day.

#golf# golfer# myhappyplace# pik# playingwiththedocs# imgc# lifeofasinglemothe
When life hands me lemons, I make chocolate cake, and leave people wondering how I did it..... 😆😋😁👑
-Good morning world!
#mermaid #fitgir
A good old beard stroke in the morning to help contemplate the day ahead.

#mondaymornings #beard #sun #messyhair #shades #ponder #contemplation #ajourneyt
HAND contact. #mestrecamisa class.
This is my best friend in his natural weirdness. Eka, stop hitting the ball too hard and stop driving too fast. There are so many old people in front of u
Прошлые выходные я изображала тюленя, поэтому никаких новых локаций 😢
Fight and don’t give up 💪🙌😊
Tag and motivate your friends today 😃
I know Monday is your messiest, busiest day of the week. But I believe that even in a split second,  you will find a chance to inhale and exhale. And when
Новый понедельник - новая песня понедельника🤗

Желаю не расстраиват
The Forbidden City. Can you imagine living amongst the royals in this immense palace? 999 rooms in total! There are many gates to enter the center of this
Auch Paulina ist eines der Modelle, die bei mir schon oft frieren mussten. Davon abgesehen, habe ich sie schon zu meinen totalen Anfängen fotografiert und
So grateful on this earthday 2018 to have an amazing place in the middle of a great city to farm. I mean right here in Portland we can use 2 acres of rich
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Premiär!!! Vilken dag! Alla tyckte det var kul att köra båt, inga incidenter och fisk i båten också! #lifeisg
The Summer Palace, a huge park where royals usted to live at during the summer days since the 1400s. My favorite part was walking over the various bridges!
Если выбирать между горами и морем, я выберу море 🌊 но в самую жару прогулка по сосно
Montag. Neue Woche. Regen. Träumt euch weg🌞🌴Wie das auch mal zwischendurch geht, könnt ihr in meiner neuen #sternstimme lesen. Den Link findet ihr