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Having two brides with different styles was so much fun! Double the brides = double the wedding gowns and bouquet gorgeousness!🎉 #elleandjayeventslv #we
Bom dia galera! Mais da série decoração! Gente que ambientação top da @ocatupiniquim, com decoração de @rosanegiannotti
Love is a feeling, a feeling of happiness. Love is powerful, too powerful to play with. This feeling is strange and hard to describe, but when you fall in
Every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life . Love gives us a fairytale..💞 #weddingday #instawedding #wangiekebaya #kebayawangie #kebayaada
A big thumbs up for sunny yellow bouquets & shoes 💐👠💐
Моя нежная осенняя невеста с томным чарующим взглядом 👰🏼 Была глубокая осень, но и
Nova série galera! Decoração! A @rosanegiannotti destruiu tudo nessa belíssima decoração no @ocatupiniquim, amei esse dia;
Sunshine makes me happy!!! Glorious day to get married on!! •
#sunshinemakesmehappy #springwedding #instawedding  #instaweddingday #instabride #i
Meine Schwester hat mir diesen wundervollen Trauzeuginnen Planer gemacht ❤️
Vielen Dank du bist die Beste 😍
Damit kann ja jetzt nichts mehr schief g
Aku berfikir ternyata kembar itu ga selalu sama,  posisi senyum mereka memang terlihat sama tapi ketika ekspresi sperti ini terlihat kalo karakter face mer
The Shoes!!!
Just as important as the dress!! Shoes for a queen and definitely a finishing touch!
A touch of glamor❤️. Indulge!!!!!
Shoes by Tabitha Si
// Wedding stories from 
Via & Hendra .... -------------------------------------------------------------
Makeup & Attire : @ratusanggarseni
Decoration & ca
No wonder Paris is called the city of love and romance! 😍 Thanks for sharing @mister_pretty_pictures
Photographer: Lisa Ruschioni (@mister_pretty_pictur
A Avenida Paulista se tornou um ícone para ensaios, é uma escolha bem certa para um ensaio!
Bora postar galera! Mais uma da série ensaios urbanos! Foi muito gostoso clicar esse casal de amigos!
Cvetici za mladozenju, kumu, kuma, devera ...
Jos mnogo modela  cvetica za kicenje gostiju mozete pogledati na @brana.dekoracije
Boja i model po zelji.
Its the sweet aroma of linseed oil thats keeping this collection nourished here at the  housewithnonails  BOUTIQUE RUSTIC BARN BNB Matamata New Zealand.
Y’all.. the greatest gift someone can give you when running a business is a compliment , praise, good review , etc. these words are from a Groom , and th
What an amazing pre wedding photo of the couple in this picture.
Taken by @wilson.setiawan @amara_pictures with a white horse carriage, and elegant dresses
She Dances to the Songs in her head, Speaks with the Rythm of her Heart, and Loves from the Depths of her Soul 🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻 Girls Blush Lac