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The batam squad!
No boundaries may stop the bonds of friendship from kindling, as making new friends is as easy as crossing the border!
Sakura🌸🌸 🌸
■Location:  Nagai-shi Okitama Shogai Gakushu Plaza
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Summer paradise 🌴 Krka National Park, Croatia.
Photo by @jonathanlendich
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3 000 pieds au dessus du niveau de la mer.
Remember, if you see it in your mind, you will see it in your life. Always be aware of your thoughts. The mind is an incredible tool visualize and hold the
I love the way she looks at me😍💜
Hair Peace ✌️ Bed Peace✌️ •
Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth has preserved the historical character of Suite 1742. This is the suite that John Lennon
New Travel Vlog Uploaded. Check link in bio 👌
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waiting for my train, the 11:32 out of york to edinburgh, wondering if there is a fare where i can stop over in the place where you and i are together, liv
Traveling with family is the best! We are always seeking new adventures and I love that with my side gig income, I can enjoy these moments with my daughter
Need a new pair of cowboy or cowgirl boots? Get yours custom made at Easterling in Fredericksburg TX. I’m a Midwestern gal, but I really love these.
😄Так, на вип зоне в отеле🍸🍹🍷 зависают бабушки и дедушки, здесь их корректно назыв
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It is so easy for us to become anxious and frustrated when our aspirations fail to align with the right opportunities in a timely manner… or at least wit
As the eternal enchantress, the monsoon entice  you with her slow-poisoning, making you long & long for the moment when she would break open

#rain #nature
Moments of #mindfulness in Bhutan, a place where zen is a lifestyle, not just a hashtag. #bhutanese #bhutan #travelandbeyond
Honoured to have taken a photo with Mr Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia at the official launching of Indonesia’s Hot Deals P
•📸 Beach Sunset •
Exposed me™️