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“Do you remember how it feels to be young? It feels great, mother** yeah.” ☀️ Wish you could see the whole photo. Check my story to see the full be
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Her direct #stare probed, as if the story of my life were written in my #eyes in a few succinct lines that she could read. -DK
Something a little different

Fashion Stylist/ wardrobe by Athalia
DM / WA 082110395756 for business  enquiries
A head full of Dreams 🍁
 pic: @antelvelasco 
I’ve been there for some pretty amazing moments in your lives but this is by far the one I’m most excited for - congrats again Iman & Aamir, I cant wai
From bleached waves.
“How come the peacock can’t fly no better than a chicken?’ Milkman asked. Too much tail. All that jewelry weighs it down. Like vanity. Can’t nobody
Me and my nephew got to meet David Ellefson bassist of Megadeth today and listen to some cool stories. Such a down to earth cool guy.
🦋🌅 .
📸 : @_jaysimon
@tawnyelise / Clayton, NC. @ Las Carolinas Grocery & Grill.
This little girl captured my heart. I didn’t stand a chance. I love her to death. Love you Skylar Grace. ❤️❤️❤️
We welcome you here ❤
⏺IN PIC▶@rajat_payal 💙
⏺IN PIC▶@rajat_payal 💙
@sthn.98 / #sonyalpha
Amazing aerial shot of LA 🇺🇸 by @dallacosta_s 🌎✈️🏝#LA #Beach #Aerial #LosAngeles #shotiniphone
Ain’t it funny how life changes
This weekend has been super busy, and its still not over! A shoot on Thursday, two on Friday, and a wedding today. Whew! Im tired, but so happy! On my wa
End of Chapter 1
Chapter 1.9
Chapter 1.7
Chapter 1.6
Chapter 1.4
Chapter 1.3
Chapter 1.2
Chapter 1.1
The best cure for your body is a quiet mind 🌲
Driving through Colorado in the Evo X
Always fun coming by the agency 🤗
Stopped by the agency 💕