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Marina Papec- Žena u najpunijem smislu, Dete, Majka tri divna dečaka, supruga predivnog Muškarca, doktor nauka, pisac, predavač, empatična duša... Pr

작은 변화가 모여,
특별함이 된다.
Runes Cabachon Engraved Chakra Gemstone Set of  7 Chakra 
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This is Carved Chakra Cabochon Assortment of 7 differen
A memories with Buleleng agai  n 🏞🏝 #buleleng #sulawesi #morowali #healing
God will not fail because you failed 
#NoMoreLimits #Health #Healing
*PURPOSE - Bring fulfilment and happiness into your life to inspire and empower others. Ask: What is my purpose in life? What can I do to make the world a
💕Today is Earth Day. A reminder to take care of our beautiful planet, our home. 🌏 And dont forget all of our wonderful earthlings 🐯🐳🦌 We ha
BLACK OBSIDIAN 🖤 the energies of this gemstone are perfectly suited for use during Taoist healing practices as it contains a beautiful fusion of yin and
🌈🌼🌷🌻✨Our handmade 2016 fenton Shabby chic cushion set x2 #fentonhomedecor finally arrived to theyre new home, so happy😍💖🙏🏻✨🌻
I am trying to remind myself to be grounded at the moment. My emotions are running away from me and I am losing my shit in my head.. but to remain a decent
Slowly slowly getting back into creative mode❤️
Amethyst and black tourmaline necklace is looking for home😍

For available staff check #monkeysoulsg
Une personne vous a malmené et vous avez cette angoissante impression que les 6,999 milliards autres vous feront subir le même sort. Non... Il y a plein
Snart ferdig tar resten neste gang! @tattoo_sjur elske arbeidet ditt og det du står for 👌💥 Er så utrolig fornøyd og glad!#😊 #tattoo #ink #inked
날씨가 흐린 가운데 
비도 드문 내리는 휴일
그림도 보고 간만에 #올림픽공원ㅎ

작년에 #서울 #달리기 대회
10km 달려
비오는날 막걸리도 좋지만 라떼 한잔 어떠신지요~
*** 7  D A Y S  T O D A Y ***
I will publish something that has been huge on my heart for the past few years. This is where I am going to as a woman and as
제주도 여행 : 이쁜 커피숍 투어☕
💙첫째날, 숙소 근처 지나가다 우연히 발견한 이쁜 커피숍(길냥이들이🐱 카페
Slowly slowly getting back into creative mode❤️
Amethyst and black tourmaline necklace is looking for home😍

For available staff check #monkeysoulsg
Unique shaped Finely polished blue flash piece of  #Labradoritestone is available for sale
Amazing full blue flash 
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Repost from  #LUPUS  I just received the best news from my amazing rheumatologist. I AM DONE WITH CHEMO!!! Thank you to Anthony William and his #medicalmed
No Filter Natulal Color!
Best medicine is beautiful nature!

#小笠原 #Boninisland  #worldheritage  #paradiseisland  #islandsunset  #yoga  #meditationspo
We go through many difficulties in life because we refuse to follow Gods leading

#NoMoreLimits #Health #Healing
Angel Chakra Bonded Flat Gemstone Massage Wand 8 long with Quartrz Crystal Point. Available @www.heavenlyhandsnycstore.com 
A Chakra can be thought of as
on her toes she swirls
ecstatic her heart dances
his eyes had her smiles
its been long time since I write a #haiku .. today it is with #swirl .. ta
After a mad rush to Manchester to see my lovely daughter  who sadly has been super ill I am back in my energy room tonight  at 7pm  for a LIVE. . READING C
소고기초밥 꿀맛
맛있게 먹고 갑니다✌
Nature is so vibrant...
Its hard to understand what can we do better then such a divine perfect Creation.

I love Bali, deeply finally feel connected to i
Fit everything that matters in one backpack with only one goal in mind... to come back undefeated.  #travel #happiness #healing
There is another world beside ours, and in this world are hearts that have held you many times – they watch over you and protect you each and every day.
올해 첫 화이트 작약🕊

#작약 #회사 #플라워세팅
This be my vibration 🙏🏼🙏🏼💗💗 Be love. be light. If you are healed, you help heal those around you 🙏🏼🙏🏼 #forgive #love #compass
Franz Kafka 〰️
Prayer~ meditation~crystals~stones~gems~mindfulness 🌈chakra balancing🌈 tune~balance~energize~attracting~abundance~believe~ask~receiving 
Call now for
Как это легко изменить в своей жизни всё, что вы бы хотели изменить? 
Посмотрите како
Prayer~ meditation~crystals~stones~gems~mindfulness 🌈chakra balancing🌈 tune~balance~energize~attracting~abundance~believe~ask~receiving 
Call now for
#daily #brunch #coffeeview #healing
어린이 1,2,...3 ? 🐒
You can’t help people that don’t want to help themselves... you can offer advice if they ask, be a listening ear to their problems... but removing atta
A few weeks ago Mark and I found out the best news of our life’s. I was pregnant. A week after that we found out we had lost our baby. I had an early mis
봄을 느끼기도 전에 여름이 성큼
작년 여름 사진을 보니 기분좋음
Loneliness. Feeling of not being heard, not being understood, not being loved. This feeling is somewhere so deep in our bones, so we escape, we freeze, we
Who takes their power back by taking control of their self care? What does self Care mean to you?  #selfcare #selfcaresunday #metime #power #selflove #well
Hater nyinyir.
Just drink and enjoy lovelyzs music.

From the tip of (your) nose, ha!
From (your) mouth, hoo!
Some days sweetly, some days sourly
The cold
One year ago today, we would go to brunch with friends, and come home fearing my life, running from you. One year ago today I was actually afraid, and didn
Yoga, crystals, learning everything about essential oils and a delicious whole food lunch....an absolute perfect Sunday! 
So excited to finally start my jo