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Epic #bathart from Christmas sweater bath bomb... I feel so much better too! Thank you @lush_aholic for this combo idea, although I have no Christmas sweat
Boil And Bubble cauldron by @themadbombers 💀pt. 1 The cinnamon scent from this was SO comforting! It reminded me of the cold nights my dad would make me
Tonight I’m using Trident Submarine from the #LushSummit 😍 it’s got a gorgeous smell to it, similar to cola but with a more citrus tang to my nose.
One of my dear friends gave this to me as a gift for helping her with her hair. Thank you Jannica ❤️❤️❤️ I will cherish this bottle until the e
Warm, Christmas-y bath last night 🎄✨ #lushcosmetics #lushchristmas #christmassweaterbathbomb #gloggshowergel #hollygolightlybubblebar
I may have taken Honey 🍯 🐝 Bee out of the water a few times. I miss the scent.  Do you?! Love that bath bomb. One left after this. #butterbearbathbom
It’s finally happening! Spicy bath for my achey body 🔥 featuring Christmas Sweater bath bomb, 93,000 Miles shower jelly, Lord of Misrule solid perfume
I love how the colour changes when I film with the flash on 💕💜 #wholelottalovebubbleroon #starlightstarbrightbathmelt #gloggshowergel #loveperfume #l
Starlight starbright wasn’t at its best but I had a lovely bath all together. Whole lotta love bubble bar is a winner and glogg is always beautiful!

Morning bath for aches and pains. Marathon bubble bar, glogg & ginger shower gels and the amazing Christmas sweater plus ginger soap#lush#lushie#lushaddict
There’s an Arctic airmass passing through the Province chilling the temperature down to -31 C. So it’s cold as balls here and I’m hiding in a hot spi
My Christmas bath last night was amazing!
I’m about to take my epic Christmas Day bath! I’m exhausted, and can not wait for this!! Can you spot a peeping santa? 
I hope you are all doing well.
Christmas Eve 🛀🏻
One of my favorite kitchen shower gels 😍
#lushie #lushcosmetics #lush #gloggshowergel #lushkitchen #lushbath #bubblebath #bathcocktail #showergel
Ruby red slippers bubble bar, reindeer and robin fun, ang glögg shower gel for a spicy and warming bath 🔥
#lushie #lushcosmetics #lush #gloggshow
🎄❄️🎄❄️🎄this time last year (a little bit later on in December) these were the shower gels Id received from the kitchen 😻😻😻🍴as
Spicy, boozy (but hangover free)  Christmas shower this morning with Glogg. It’s like the scent of Christmas in a bottle🌲❤️