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Happy 420 💨✨// repost @womenofcannabiz
I can’t decide if I liked the view from the Parthenon during the day or at night from A for Athens.
The relaxation is real
The classic question , where to next ? 
I actually enjoy being home for a bit to enjoy time with friends and family but always —- after a trip, I wonder
The works of many street artists across from the gum wall. Not many people notice what is behind them
#seattle #washingtonstate #washington #walkin
Happy Friday and weekend everyone! I just finished my manicure and now am ready to relax with my husband through some major tv-show-bingeing and dinner.
Variations of this photo also probs now found in a bunch of random old ppl’s fb albums cause apparently I made it seem like I was a tourist attraction wi
Imagine how much more relaxing life in Greece 🇬🇷 is? Here’s a random shot from Mykonos Greece while entering town ❤️🍃🌎✈️ 🙌🏾 .
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Jour 105 • Beautiful nature 🌳
A Cidade proibida, foi o  palácio imperial da China desde meados da Dinastia Ming até ao fim da Dinastia Qing.Segue sendo o maior palácio do planeta com
One of the problems that our GT team at Jaubhari noticed was that the villagers of Jaubhari and Maneybhanj Yang and other villages in the Sandakphu trek us
Still in awe over the beautiful wedding setting my family and I got a glimpse of at @fessparkerwinery last weekend in #LosOlivos. How lovely is this table
It’s funny how north-south stereotypes persist the world over: Porto, the northern “granite city,” is seen as no-nonsense and more workaday than sout
This is home while I teach Asian tribes English. In the left corner is an elephant family that I live directly next to. 💗🐘🏠
Ancora non ho stabilito quale sia la mia spiaggia preferita tra quelle viste fino ad ora a Guadalupa.
[Quella della foto è Plage de la Perle a nord di Bas
Himalayas! They change your life forever. Once you go up there, you never come back as a same person!
Soundlessness of nature, still could speak in silence
So this is the renowned Pad Thai and Sticky Rice with Mango, see how giddy that look is 🤪 #padthai #stickyrice #mango #thaidelicacy #foodporn #delicious
Tagga i tuoi amici e commenta ;) Tag a friend that has to see this !
The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
Feeling a lot like Leif Erikson right about now. I’m having a blast exploring Iceland! 🇮🇸🗻💕
happy friday🥂
Life after Work🕙
#Guangzhou #China #streetlife #streetclassics
Selfie Thursday, Don’t Care...
No matter where this crazy life takes me, I’ll always have a piece of Texas with me. •
#selfportrait #me #dallas #home #selfie #fri
“A perfect world is where there is no capturing or killing. But more rescuing and saving”👌🏽 •••••••••••••••••