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Weekend highlights: This may have been the fullest weekend I’ve had in a long time. I dressed up as a princess for a special 6 year olds birthday party,
What a weekend! Thank you to everyone who helped make the #global6kforwater a big success. 47,000+ participants is crazy!! Special shout out to those who w
My awesome work tribe whom I get the blessing of calling my friends ❤️ #worldvision #global6kforwater #janssenvetclinic
Third year running the #global6kforwater with @malory_garza 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
God always sends the right people at the right time. Truly grateful
I dont know what was worse, running a 6k in the rain, or climbing the silo steps afterwards♿. Either way fun time with the sis. #global6kforwater
Thanks for your generosity! Due to a BIG thunderstorm we walked inside- Emma was super pumped! #lakeshoreschurch #global6kforwater #graceandemma #accidenta
#worldvision #global6kforwater #pulsetwincities  I get the luxury of running and walking for fun, for relaxation, for an escape. Great reminder that global
First race in a while, felt really good to be running again and for a good cause #global6kforwater #worldvision #6k #race #wuxi #china #chinalife
After months and months of planning, my work and I participated in our second Global 6K for Water event yesterday! /// You may be wondering why a 6K instea
Asher played a crucial role in our 6K prerace set-up. He was in charge of the chalk line that let the racers know they were still on the path. Good work, b
World Vision 6k- running for Richard (the kiddo on my race bib) and clean water 💧❤️ our group raised enough money for 20 kiddos to have for LIFE!  #
May’s 5k race was actually a 6k. It was with World Vision to help provide clean water for this little boy, Diango. The distance of the 6k is significant
Weather and schedules didn’t allow us to participate with the group yesterday, so we got our Global 6k for water in today! What a thought provoking “ra
This! Nice slow recovery run after yesterday’s EPIC #6kforwater #global6kforwater #magna6kforwater . Those of you that know......it is just a preventativ
Last day to register and get a shirt and bib in time for the race. Register online at www.teamworldvision.ca/team/46218
2018 World Vision Global #6KForWater 💧🌍
@bpsofnate and I joined thousands of participants from around t
#global6kforwater #6kforwater #fürdengutenzweck #bewusstmachen #running #runningmama #kannmanauchgehen #19mai2018

Ran for precious Elite so she can have clean water!! #global6kforwater #nomoredisease #worldvision ❤️🤗
Yesterday we had beautiful weather and an amazing group of people walk for water! #global6kforwater #gracenorthwoods #gracerhinelander
Noch ein Bild von gestern 🤗 Triathlon-Legende @normann.stadler war auch dabei @worldvisionde #global6kforwater 
Ich war heute noch ganz locker 8km laufe
I had the honor of running in the global 6k for healthy, clean water for those who dont have the luxury we do. Really makes you thankful for so much we ma
Addyson’s passion to change the world by providing clean water to kids in Africa is inspiring people all over the globe. I’m one of those people. In th
The initial goal was to raise $1000 for those without clean water... honestly, I put this number because the website didn’t have a $$ goal that was small
Congratulations to all of the finishers of the Global 6K for Water yesterday! Thank you @worldvision for the opportunity to give back!
World Vision is
Ein bisschen rennen für den guten Zweck 🏃🏽‍♀️🧡💪🏼 #global6kforwater #teamproKRASStination #auchnach6kmnochwunderschön #oitnb2.0 #spee
Rainy rainy run for a great cause! #iranforOumar #global6kforwater #worldvision #fitfam #latergram
Yesterday evening we @laura_philipp_tri @philippseipp @normann.stadler invited friends with a big heart to join us #global6kforwater run in beautiful Heide
Thanks so much for everyone’s help yesterday! We really appreciate everyone’s contribution to the event to help it run so smoothly! 💧🏃🏻‍♀
Always grateful to help others. We run together to help some children getting their water. #global6kforwater #letsdothistogether #kingdomofgodsfamily
Hatte extra das #WorldVision T-Shirt für den heutigen #global6Kforwater mitgenommen und hab dann kein Foto gemacht. Dafür aber die Laufstrecke aufgezeich
We did about 4 of the 6 k’s this morning...definitely channeling the many African mamas who walk that distance (or longer) with just as many kids (or mor
One of these young ladies turned 6 today and dedicated her birthday to the 6K by raising $700 for clean water! 😍😭🎉💖 So inspired by the giving h
This morning we went to supoort our local #Global6K for @worldvisionusa hosted by our wonderful friend and amazing warrior for Jesus @chaundrat!
We had f
We jog walked for a cause today and it was such a great experience! #global6kforWater #6kforwater
Today we ran for clean water so others don’t have to. #global6kforwater #worldvision #6kforwater
Another fun World Vision 6K walk for clean water today and 42,000 people gained access to clean water! If you didn’t get to come, join us next year or st
Super Benefizlauf heute in neuses. #global6kforwater
#WorldVision#Global6Kforwater at #ISW