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Tip de señora que no le gusta hacer comida (y que no sabe😂) -Aguacate
-jugo de limón
-queso panela
-aceite de oliva
-sal y p
Enjoy the mango greentini in slow motion 🤤
Tea party 🤤 Ordered shroom cream! My favourite of all time! Pasta + drink =$4.80! P.s. Indicate to them vegetarian too! They will wash the pan before co
#aamupala #munakas #ketobreakfast ketobreakfast #vuohenjuusto #pinaattia #eatgreen #ketokickstart #ketodiet #ketolifestyle #❤️ #rasvapalaa Annos sis. 2
Well, to be honest, I am a meat lover. 🍗
HealthGoal No.17. ❤️ It may not sound sexy but it’s more important than you probably realize! 
Blog on the website/link in bio. -
Dinner for today, also added some ranch. #goodnight 🌜
{salad of the day}
🌿colorful veggies #caprese 🌿
#burrata was on half off sale, tri color #tomatoes were also on sale.  Had #watermelonradish #avo
Tomorrow is FRIDAY! PTL 🙌🏻 What are y’all doing this weekend?? Hopefully it involves making these chipotle bacon & avocado burger sliders b/c wow
#Repost @recipeworldapp with @cookinglight ・・・
@what_she_ate makes a 💪 case for both simple pasta strewn with breadcrumbs, and coral nail polish!
✌️Motivación ven a mi! 💪Necesito bajar grasita 🙊#nutrition #eatgreen #cleaneating #inspiration #motivation #love #instagood #absaremadeinthekitc
Working with such acutely ill patients has been a constant reminder to cherish the freedoms health provide us. The freedom to choose what to eat, what to d
Yum! Dandelion pesto is delicious and so nutritious, too! Follow the link in our profile to get a recipe for this spring delight.
#dandelion #dan
Late • post #lasdelidelulu🌙 ansiosos porque mañana ya es viernes y estamos por culminar esta excelente semana. .
Menú:  divino asado en su salsa
Jumat Sehat! Bawa DV Juice selama liburan dan rasakan manfaatnya. DV Juice membantu menjaga daya tahan tubuh dan meningkatkan stamina.
Untuk in
#Repost @mandysalads 
Manger votre salade dans ces beaux bols fait toute la différence. Cette collection de bols est disponible chez Mandy’s au 2067 rue
Cooking and eating healthy doesnt have to be hard, you just have to be conscious 🥦🌽🥑 a simple meal but it tastes rad 💞 #eatgreen
Uma das poucas refeições do dia que é feita fora de uma marmita e SEM dúvidas, a minha favorita 🙏🏼💞 MUITOS legumes refogados, franguinho com c
Add olive oil, salt and pepper, and #asparagus starts tasting like buttered popcorn, minus the stupid kernels getting stuck in your teeth.

I hate the month of April !!
Just kidding ... however, summer is only 8 weeks away! So if you’ve slacked off all winter long with your diet you mig
Health Basics: Drink Water •••
When it comes to a healthy diet, we primarily focus on food. But what about our drinking behav
So you put the croissant and cheese in the oven, meanwhile cut up vegetables, remove and assemble. EAT.
Happy Thursday! Im loving this sunny weather lately. ☀️
For breakfast, I had (my version) of eggs and toast. White sweet potato slices roasted with
My breakfast pagi ni😋
I couldnt resist 🤣 Lentils a la SubHouse 🤓🌹🌹🌹 again!! 🤣👍 /// I was listening to the last song of my new album 🌹 SubRose 3 🌹 and
Nature is everything #nature #CUTonala #wall #sign #green #gogreen #eatgreen #letters #tbt
Winner winner sushi dinner. I had absolutely horrific cramps today so I was in no mood to cook dinner. Take out sushi to the rescue! The rest of today’s
I love food that still looks like it has life (plant life only😉) once it has been cooked! 
This awesome meal is zoodles with a cauliflower sauce, topped
I literally think I accidentally became a pescatarian. I started eating only fish and  mushrooms a lot, then started eating mushrooms and only fish in reci
#Orégano 🌱 (necesario)
Sal de mar (necesaria) 
1 #camote 
Aceite de oliva (necesario) ➰Lo primero que debes
🍴Raspberry&beetroot smoothie 😋💕 .
½ cup frozen raspberries, 1tbsp beetroot powder, 1cup plant based yogurt, 1tbsp toco powder, half of a froz
At the moment I’m fragile 😅 Today was a simple day. I spent most of my time sitting outside under the warm sun. It felt really great. Still very tired
Here is this week’s plant-based grocery haul. If you couldn’t guess, I meal prepped some amazing vegan lasagne! 🤤
I want to share some grocery sho
Você sabia que o outono é a estação em que as frutas, as verduras e os legumes estão mais apetitosos?
Aproveite o sabor e os nutrientes de cada um.
🍀เกร็ดความรู้ สำหรับผู้หญิง🍀 📢📢อาหารคลีนลดน้ำหนัก ดี
“too much emphasis is put on originality. Feel free to take ideas and update them at your will all great artist take and update.” -Kanye #avocadotoast
Degustación de Mini hamburguesas fit. De pollo, carne y vegetariana con pan de almendras, integral y avena de Fit House @fithousepy . 
#eatgreen #eatfit #
{superfood} ====@paulskiba.rhn
Kvass is a heritage food that has been around for centuries as a tonic for overall health and especially gut health.
Tower to table at Gio Rana’s Restaurant in Toronto’s east end. This kale travelled a total of two city blocks. We believe this qualifies as locally sou
Clutching my RaspberryYogourt FruitLeather like...add your caption via comments✨ RoadTrips are honestly my chosen vacay. Total relaxation on my part AN
F U L L  T I M E  C O O K  needed in our kitchen. Join our team or tell your friends! Please send resumes to ELISA@EATGREENWOOD.COM
Yesterday I shared some amazing health benefits of chia seeds.  I promised you a recipe so here it is!! (It got a 3 year olds stamp of approval today so I
Everyone’s favorite... Healthy Banana Muffins🍌 You choose with or without chocolate chips 🍫 •
Los favoritos de todos... Banana Muffins Sa
La soledad es el privilegio de disfrutar de ti mismo...💚 #Matcha #tea #foodielovers #hot #cup #eatgreen #yummy #matchalove  #foodielife #peace #greentea
Grab some free paleo recipes by clicking the link in my bio!
#veggies 🍆🥒🥕🌽 Im very into yellow #squash right now its so versatile you can toss it into so many dishes or have it on the side. Mushrooms and
Shout out to my lovely roommate @fishrfriendsurfood for showing me just how lovely an artichoke is on the inside! Actually they’re equally as interesting
Lunch time! @gardein is my savior during the school week when I need a quick and tasty meal. Most of their items can be baked or cooked on the stove stop s