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Strutting round my dogtagon. They all runnin scared
By @samanthabrookephoto 
Amazing shoot! 😍🐶
Follow @paradise.dogz for more amazing dog content! 💕🐶
Strike a pose!
📽 from @marcominiaturedachshund
Regrann from @tazskat -  #Repost @amaanimalrescue (@get_repost)
“I can’t wait to have my own foster home so I can finally leave the ‘board
Regrann from @elena.ru_savelyeva -  Repost @goodworld.shelter
by @media.repost:
Сос!!! Максимальный репост!!! Собака в ужас
My true love ❤️
А Гномик #фпш_гном сегодня поехал домой, ура, пусть всё сложится отлично, Гномсель чуд
Wearing my @thecurlytailcompany new harness design 💗🍦
🐶J & Peach 🐾
Todays walk ☀️🌷
初めて 来た公園🌷☘️
途中 #田
OMG you guys. We received something pawsome in the mail today. We got our very own @furbodogcamera! Not only can our hoomum check up on us when she’s out
📽 from @melharco_pugs
🐶🐶 Shop for Pug Lovers 👉 @cutecatonline bio
Hallo, endlich bin ich wieder da, ich war nämlich bei einem anderen zweibeiner, mein Frauchen nennt sie immer Oma. Mhhh, was das Wort Oma wohl zu bedeuten
So Monday we meet again 🐾💕
We found Mama at the airport! I’m never letting her leave ever again!!
“I don’t need much in life…
just the little things that I love.”💫
Happy Lazy Sunday🍦
Its pouring rain in Cape Town today ❄❄❄ which is actually a blessing since we are currently experiencing a drought... but I mean, sunshine??? Cmon.
Un cane non se ne fa niente di macchine costose, case grandi o vestiti firmati… Un bastone marcio per lui è sufficiente. A un cane non importa se sei ri