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I like this one because it has a story.  Short but sweet.  Someone gave it to someone else as a Christmas gift.  Dec,  25, 1967. They must have had it for
Who knows where this road is supposed to lead, we got nothing but time. As long as youre right here next to me, everythings gonna be alright... 🎶🎧
Видели когда нибудь голубую орхидею??? А я ДА! |
Сегодня случайным образом попала в Эпи
#tb #socute #december #puppy #playfull #babygirl 😍🐕
Abudhabi - Palm Trees and Henny dec 1, 2018 ... Be there 
#Abudhabija #hennessy #jamaica #hopegardens #elegant #december
#december #newyear2018
Good day! What is your home decoration ideas? 🙌🏻😊textured throw pillows? kitchen rugs? tufted area rugs? wall sconces? throw pillows?wood picture
Anak adalah karunia Allah yang harus kita jaga sebaik mungkin, karena anak anugerah yang tidak dapat dinilai dengan apapun. Oleh karena itu mulailah menjag
#sagitarrius #fire #december
#Untitled, #December 2017
Been six years too long. Cannot wait to step foot back into this magical continent again 😊👈👌 #december
Buah nangka memiliki kandungan nutrisi seperti :
1.Buah nangka memiliki kandungan vitamin A, C, niasin, tiamin, asam folat dan riboflavin
2.Buah nangka ren
Your attitude will go a long way in determining your success, your recognition, your reputation and your enjoyment in being a lawyer.😎
Yeah. We back you already ..come by say hello
Wishing I was At Coachella rn :(
Sep 7
I am who I am, I am what I am, I do what I do and I ain’t never gonna do it any different. I don’t care who likes it and who doesn’t.😏
We’re on a #boat //