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Çünkü dostum henüz hiçbir kitabın yalan söylediğini ve arkadan iş çevirdiğini görmedim....👍 #bookworm #onsiparislergeldi #elifsafak #jojomoy
Magic inside...!!
#books #bookstagram #bookworm #booklover #jkrowling #harrypotter
Next up is #PatriciaHighsmiths Stranger on a Train - rather too perfectly starting it whilst on HS1 into London
Funnily enough the back cover has a quot
She may have a tiny book addiction. She loves to look at them, pretend like she is reading them, stack them, throw them, lay them on the floor and roll aro
Reading at a polish railway station 🤓🚄
#reading #read #reader #readabook #booklove #bookworm #book #railway #railwaystation #bydgoszcz
Weekend mode on! 🍊
Kochani jak Wasza sobota? U nas było cudnie, najpierw spacery, później zakupy, niedługo też uciekamy do znajomych. A na weekend
⚜️„Már ötszáz éve, hogy áll ez a trón. // De most szenved a birodalom,“⚜️
Today I went to the Book Festival in Budapest where one of my
Hallo zusammen! ❤️ Love and Ashes habe ich übrigens vor ein paar Tagen beendet und ich fand es echt gut. Einfach eine lockere, leichte und süße Gesc
Hello bookdragons! 🐉 It’s time for the unboxing of my first @litjoycrate that I got as a birthday present from my sister! 🎁 This was their March bo
Book eighteen is my second read by @kealanpatrick and it was as amazing as the first! Enjoyed this quick read and I’ll be ordering more of his books soon
Merhabalar! Uzun süredir okuduğum ve sonunda bitirebildiğim Uyanış serisinin 2. kitabı olan Kaçış’tan bahsedeceğim biraz.
Kitap bu kadar uzun s
I loved Shadow and Bone, but I didn’t really like the Hazel Wood. I’m reading Shatter Me right now and I’m really enjoying it. Have you read any of t
Good morning ☀️ I hope everyone is having a good Saturday! 🌿 
I love this Princess Mononoke print so much. 🐺 Now I want to go home and watch the
When the suns out, great time to start a new book. Been meaning to read this for a while now.

#stephenking #horror #theshining #doctorsleep #it #beach #r
To some people ( my husband included ) having this many books by one person is a huge collection, but when you’re a Stephen king fan, you know that a cou
The new God of War is EPIC! Well at least the like 2 hours I played last night was epic!
Im almost out of snowy photos, and th he snow is almost gone.
Cien Años de Soledad por Gabriel García Márquez. Esta es mi actual lectura y me esta gustando muchísimo, es tan interesante conocer acerca de los ideal
Sometimes you just need to sit down and enjoy yourself! #springtime #finallyreafy #bookworm #realtor #actor #actorrealtor #findthetime #theartistsway #arti
Apologies for the lack of posts of late! I have just been on holiday to Portugal which was amazing but now I’m home I am back on the books and bujo train
So much love in the aur tonight ☀️️👀
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So as you might know, I kinda love candles. 😂 When I found @thetikicandlecompany I just had to try some! And then when I found these ones I had to try t
She would bloom where she was planted and let her roots close around the throats of her enemies.
🇬🇧Happy Saturday readers!
I realized I never t
Herkes gibi sıradan ve normal bir hayat yaşamak istiyorsam, o zaman ben de Oidipusun tam tersini yapmalı yani hiçbir şey olmamış gibi davranmalı
Rainy Saturday = the perfect excuse to read all day!
I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing rest of their weekend! I watched the fantastic beasts movie last night and I really enjoyed it!
Which book h
I somehow finished all the important things I had to do last night, got back home really late, read until much later (and finished another book!) and woke
Hello peopleeee!
QOTD: If you could be a magical creature for a day, that would that be? 
AOTD: For me, it would definitely be a mermaid, because Ive
Sun shine, prosecco,sweets and a new book !! ❤️❤️ #reading #bookworm #picknmix #sweets #prosecco #winelover #book #happy #sunshine #feetup  #garden
📷 Source: @jobis89
Martina @mamalovestoread tagged me a while ago to share my horror reading journey/Stephen King story 👑
I can’t pinpoint my fir
Не выбрасывайте книги! Это очень вредно для экологии и болезненно для моего с
My 500 Follower Giveaway is officially open! I’m so grateful to have found support through the bookstagram community. Thank to you everyone who has helpe
Hello my lovelies! ❤️ Sorry Ive been MIA lately, I just finished my last paper of my undergraduate degree! 🎉 This means that I have to pack away my
Hallo ihr Bücherwürmer 🐍❤
Ich wünsche euch allen einen wunderschönen Abend ❤
Was habt ihr heute bei dem tollen Wetter gemacht? 😊
Ich war einf
{Deslizar ➡️ para ver todas las fotos}
El tercer libro en el que trabaje como diseñadora editorial fue ‘Damnare’ de la autora @faith_carroll_wri
I was so satisfied with the pitch dark hennah on my big day. It was SO dark and the filling was so alluring, just the way I wanted. 
Ps, am never satisfied
Challenge Day 20:
🔹Hans in luck - lucky trade #fairytalesofapril 🔹anticipated new releases #aprilinbooks18 🔹rainy day reads (more like every day r
„Nie da się odnaleźć miłości tam,gdzie jej nie ma, ani ukryć jej tam, gdzie naprawdę istnieje”. Pomyśl o tym😁
#bardzopolecam #zlyromeo #leis
Whos reading hp and the Goblet of fire like mee #bookworm # J.K Rowling #harry Potter and the Goblet of fire
Bazen kendime tüm bunlar gerçekten oluyor mu diye soruyorum. - J.K. Rowling

#10kitap10kafkaokur  @kafkaokur 
#bookish #bookworm #kitap #kitapkurdu
New shawl in the works!
Im loving the colors & the small texture makes everything pop! 😍
#naturalfictions #crochet #crochetallday #crochetallthethings
Auf dieses Buch bin ich schon sehr gespannt 😍 aber erstmal muss ich irgendwie meine Leseflaute überwinden 🙄
#oneofusislying #karenmmcmanus #lesen
Wie versprochen, habe ich beim #bookcrossingday eines meiner Bücher in die freie Wildbahn entlassen. Bin gespannt, welchen Weg Hexenseelen nimmt. Habt i
Got a teeny notebook I use to make story notes/ideas in when I’m busy studying and I think I’ve got a new story idea coming together! (Not that I’ve
That is part of the beauty of literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that youre not lonely and isolated from anyone. You bel
|Kemal Tahir - Kurt Kanunu| 
Eveet! KİTAP OKUMA YARIŞMASI formatında okuduğum 7. Ve son kitap Kurt Kanunu oldu.
Bu gönderiden önceki attığım 6 kit
What are you doing this weekend? Reading, book festivals, having fun?? I’m going to the LA Times Festival of Books for the first time and I am so excited
My #newrelease book haul this week!
*City of Lost Fortunes by @bryanlcamp81 (his debut!)
*Noir by Christopher Moore
*Space Opera by Cat Valente

I love Chr
In my story you can see a full on boxing of the April @owlcrate box! For now though, you can see a blurred sneak peek. I will be doing all the prompts in M
Når ens forældre forkæler én! 😍❤️
It’s time to weave in all the ends and put all things together. Things can get “tangled”, but there’s always a beautiful piece in the end. 🦄 Can
یک زن در دهه ی سی زندگی خود شروع می کند به پرسیدن سوالهایی درباره ی روزمرگی خودش. در
Recent interest in re-reading Sun Tzu, and finding it relevant to philosophies related to BJJ and life in general... got out to the bookstore and got a cou
With all the amazing colourful power suits I’m seeing on the runway right now, this blue blazer is a nod to the trend until I can get my hands on a full