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#flexfriday and #peakweek We’ve got several clients going into PEAK WEEK!!! @jennajo_ has crushed her prep and we can’t wait to see her package on stag
She’s perfect!!! Love you! Your going to kill it today! Go get it love! Show them all your hard work and dedication! ❤️ competition ready!!! @cam_car
2 weeks. 2 weeks to beat this physique and bring a better package to the stage. I ate and lifted heavy to add muscle. I practiced posing so hard I injured
▪My favorite part of prep is day before show. When all hard work is done. Thats when fun begins 🤗▪
#bikinicompetitor #showday #bikinimodel
I decided to go spray tanning today. I may have been jumping the gun, but wjen you live in Buffalo it gets annoying being pale. My goal is to be sun kissed
I always thought if I had to get stronger, I could only do DUP. I HAD to squat 3x/week. I HAD to do 5-6 sets. I HAD to do only heavy weights for 4-6 reps.
Its still rainy and gloomy, so I am looking at @fashion.voice_  and feeling this ensemble.
I love the nude neutral... especially the long duster coat.  An
Feeling grateful to my body for pushing through despite being sick. It’s hard to believe that in ☝🏻month I will be on a National stage. I’m determ
The beautiful melessa came to me this weekend saying she wanted to be poison ivy 😊 so I created this gorgeous green glitter look to accentuate her bea
Weekend mood via @marianamogom 🌊🌴
Smirking because if you look reeeeal close, you can see some baby abs 👀🙌🏻
I’ve made it no secret that my motivation and drive haven’t been

Some days are way better than other and today was a damn good day! Ridding this fee
Happy FRI-YAY ✌🏼 Idk if it was just me BUT this week felt like it took forever 🤔 Not that I do much on weekends besides the normal train clients &
Back is looking goooood!!! 💪 @guns_n_weights 🤗🤗 Keep it up Cheyenne! 
Repost from @guns_n_weights -  Awkward part of my rep to capture but I’m b
Save this for later💪🏽🍑
Who says you can’t combine some back & boooty in one exercise? 🤪
If you haven’t already then go check out @pro
Those new @warbyparker with the @kristenxleanne & @urbandecaycosmetics Daydream Palette 😍
The three N.Ireland blondies! 🙊.. @joannewillisgreen_mp_pro_elite & @mishmash_fitness_ 🏆 6 pro cards & 7 trophies between the 3 of us!!! 🌟
It wa
Stage shot of #prepbywill bikini athlete at the Europa Orlando
Online Coaching: 📧 prepbywill@gmail.com
Flex Appeal Miami Gym 
Focus on progression, NOT perfection!! #dominique2.0 😝
Fit-Tip Friday: weight transfer!
Watch above and you’ll notice I have plates under the balls of my feet, but why??
A common problem with deadlift
#FBF TO FOUR YEARS AGO! W😍W DOES TIME FLY! @stingreyclassic 2014! By that time I think was my 6th competition and when @geriberger_ifbbpro was just star
Красоты много не бывает😍😍😍
Жду реснички от @romanovamakeup_store 🙏😍 «СЦЕНИЧЕСКИЙ МАКИЯЖ»
January 2017 (right) until now. I am officially 27 weeks out from my first bikini competition. It still amazes me the progress I’ve made ever since I sta
& just like that, we’re 6 weeks out😳
Things are slowly coming together more and more every day. Now just gotta get those big twigs to lean out & catch
When one of your favorite gym partners is moving far away😔 always a pleasure being a complete idiot in the gym with you and thank you so much for being
That feeling on the one day a year where you wake up with perfect beach waves without even trying ☺️
Today turned into an unintentional rest day beca
Maybe if we all keep complaining about the cold it will go away? 🤷🏻‍♀️
amo ver mis fotos y mas los nervios que me dan de saber cual sera mi nueva version 😍🤗 ahorita estamos en #offsesson pero tenemos nuevas sorpresas y u
Feeling like a girl today. New nails New makeup and a fun day. ☺️❤️ still in gym clothes but they are comfortable and the only thing that fits at t
1 more sleep! 👙🏆❤️ @ocb_soa show day is almost here, finally! 🙌🏻 16 weeks of grueling workouts, cardio sessions, no cheat meals, hard work
Último día de entreno femoral y pantorrilla pesados por fin😭😭😭😭 hasta aquí mi reporte: no morí 
#womanteam #musclezoneathlete #bikinifitnes
The moment you stop making excuses and can truly believe in your own vision, those scary and uncomfortable changes become worth it.
About 7 weeks out f
Working out doesn’t have to be boring!! Get outside and get motivated 💪🏻 📹- @mtsalickis 
Outfit- @befitapparel
tbh it was quad day but I can’t deny how these shorts make my butt look 👀
(short deets are in the story)
First- what’s your g
Brace yourselves for an excessive amount of bikini pics 🤷‍♀️ #sorrynotsorry #imonvacay
I honestly feel so honored 🙌to be a part of @emc__fit fitness journey & create 👙 her 1st ever competition & posing bikinis 👙
Emily, I am so-so hap
Back @katyhearngym for a killer bootay workout!!🍑 #bootypumpisreal #switchingitup
Tomorrow is the official start of peak week!!😬 #8daysout Got th
The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it 🔥👊🏽
#flexfriday with one of my favorites from @kristoffercox 🖤
Coach: @bswgmike_r
Efter jeg er flyttet til Vanløse, tænkte jeg at der skulle ske noget nyt (mere nyt end at flytte fra landet 👩🏽‍🌾🤷🏽‍♀️) Så jeg er