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Fire sale on all take off tires & rim combos.  MOST tire+rim combos priced half price of new. Stop in or call parts for size availability! Also have tons o
Big Mo upgrading to the Turbo from the S RZR. Appreciate the businesd sir! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHills #PolarisBH #Exit48 #BlackHills #Po
Attention sledheads! For those of you still riding this season, we got the hook up on bulk VES 2-stroke oil! Stop in to stock up! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #Po
Tires anyone? Eventually the snow will be gone & with riding season around the corner we are ready to equip your machine with some new shoes! Call or stop
The Ford crew is rolling out in style! Picked up their General 4 1000 from us. Appreciate the business guys & gals! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlac
Deadline for Snow Check sleds are due by April 17th! We have a select few 2019 800cc sleds in stock now! Snag a 850 Snow Check today & receive a 4 yr warra
It was time for the Vandersys crew to step up to a TURBO XP4 RZR! Those tires & that Velocity Blue color make one heck of a bold statement. Appreciate the
2018 Turbo Fox Edition RZR w/ custom cage, light bars, Rockford Fosgate audio system, 6 point harnesses, alunium doors w/ graphics kit, winch, & Pro Armor
Fresh units in stock! 2015 Polaris RZR XP 1K Desert Edition & 2013 Honda CRF250X. These two are as clean as you can get. Did we mention we take trades? 605
Custom 50 Trail RZR 900! 2in lift, tinted roof + 1/2 windscreen, 15in beadlocks on 28in tires, & lower door inserts! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBl
Customs, yeah we got those! Give us a shout if you are looking at tricking out your machine this riding season! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHil
Mark your calendars folks! Custer is hosting an off-road rally this June. Register now! #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHills #PolarisBH #Exit48 #BlackHills #RZ
First RZR RS1 gone! Next one is pre-sold. Whats everyone riding this season? Post a picture in the comments! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHills
Our friends over at Big Horn Rural Electric Co are getting their decked out 2018 Ranger 1000 XP from us tomorrow. Thought wed share. 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH
What an end to an awesome weekend on the mountain! Finally got to ride the Blackhills on my #polarisoftheblackhills axys! Always fun to go ride the old hon
Was an awesome weekend with the Minnesota boys! My #polarisoftheblackhills axys was running amazing!  #teampbh
Sweet creek beds all day with this guys! #arrowheadlodgewyoming #teampbh
Awesome day on the mountain with this group of guys. #arrowheadlodgewyoming #teampbh
VES Bulk Oil anyone? Our jug $35 vs Polaris $49.99. Same stuff, different jug! Dont forget the Governors ride this weekend! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #Polari
Love this #polarisoftheblackhills axys!!! #teampbh
Drivers wanted! Power meets precision in the new Polaris RZR RS1. Now taking deposits! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHills #PolarisBH #Exit48 #RZ
When we say we take anything on trade, we mean ANYTHING! Stop in to check out all the new 2018 models & all our used inventory. Warranty options available
Low quality video high quality day!!! Love this new #polarisoftheblackhills  axys!! #teampbh
This #polarisoftheblackhills axys is running on point! Awesome day in Wyoming!! #teampbh
Our sponsor Kaleb getting his custom wrapped Axys from us! We dare to be different, how about you? 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHills #PolarisBH
The Rosenau dynamic duo traded up to the RZR 900S4 ! Enjoy the trails this upcoming spring! Now we just need the trails to open for the season. 605-718-229
Kimmerly & Rockney picking up their all new redsigned camo Ranger 1000 XP! Enjoy you two, we appreciate your support! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBl
#polarisoftheblackhills  nailed this #arcticfxgraphics wrap!!! Hit this guys up for a follow and check out there sweet deals on Polaris products! #teampbh
ATTENTION ALL snowmobile riders. We are having a sale on all sled gear & accessories, 15% off while supplies lasts. Stop in today! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #P
Jen picking up a sled for Kaleb! What a gal, hope you bought her dinner for her nice gesture! Thanks for the business you two. 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #Polar
Snow checks on deck! We also have turbos in stock! We have bulk VES oil 2-stroke oil on hand starting at $35. 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHills
We hired a few new parts representatives this New Year. How can they meet your needs? Any cool accessories you think we should stock, please let us know. 6
Goodbye em 2017 πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡ #sunday #nhahangBui #teamPBH #2018comingsoon
Donald Schnoor getting his 2018 HVAC NorthStar Ranger from us before the end of the year! Let us know how we can help you for your last minute tax write-of
Are you a Maintenance Agreement customer? If you aren’t, act now to receive $50 OFF a new Maintenance Agreement. This offer and many more are located on
2018 Rock Crawler Edition RZR XP 1000 in the house! 55% lower low gear, 6 click harnesses, beadlocks, gold flush-mount rock sliders, & 4500lb winch equippe
Did you know we take just about anything on trade? Make sure to check out all our used inventory online or in-store. 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBla
We are your one-stop-shop for all your sled needs! Stop in for all our specials & discounted 2-stroke VES oil. 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHill
A few custom sleds we put together. Wrap kit, shaved seats, and a turbo! Stop down to check out all our selection of new & used sleds! 605-718-2290 #TeamPB
Its TURBO time! 2018 in stock now. What do you think of the new ghost gray color? 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHills #PolarisBH #Exit48 #RZR #R
Winter specials throughout the entire store. We have 2 2017 RZR 1000 XP EPS models in stock with huge savings. While supplies last! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #
2018 HVAC NorthStar Editon Ranger 1K showed up this morning. First deposit secures the unit. Hard to get a hold of these buggers. 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #Po
We support local business! Do you? If youve done business with us make sure to get us a copy of your business card so we can put it up on our board! 605-7
Gary getting the first 2018 Ranger NorthStar Edition from us! You may see him cruising around Custer. Appreciate the business friend. 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH
Limited Edition General 1000 EPS in stock! This thing is wicked awesome in person. Stop down to check it out! 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHills
Our friend Jace over at Granite GMC stepped up his game. He rolled out the new 2018 RZR S 1000 EPS this afternoon. Youre the talk of the town my friend! 6
Snow is upon is! Dont get stuck, we have a bunch of plow accessories in stock. 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHills #PolarisBH #Exit48 #RZR #RZR4
Ron Evenson taking home his 2018 Ranger 570 EPS! Decked out with cab & plow setup. Appreciate the business sir. 605-718-2290 #TeamPBH #PolarisOfTheBlackHil